Friday, February 6, 2015

35 weeks

35 weeks with jamesy/35 weeks with baby girl

-this little girl likes to be posterior, so lucky me-I get to do fun positioning activities all day. crawling, cat/cow, inversions. the worst is avoiding reclining. but i definitely want a comfortable birth so it is worth it. and she is starting to be anterior more.
-my friend hosted a small mother's blessing/blessingway for me last week. i was a little worried i would be uncomfortable because i hate attention on me, but it was one of the most beautiful things i've attended. we did a simple fear release, shared positive birth stories, and my friends and family wrote me letters about motherhood and how i would do well with two babies. we tied red string around wrists for them to think about me until baby girl comes, and everyone brought beads to make a necklace for my birthing time. the beads were symbolic of various things they thought of. i will wear it when it's time and draw strength from sisterhood. 
-only complaints are back pain if i don't wear my belt and lots of peeing. heartburn if i eat chocolate or drink diet coke.
-generally i have great energy (i stayed up till midnight last night and woke up at 730, no problem). 
-i'm almost done with the hypnobabies program. i'm excited to use it and see how it works for me. 
-miraculously no stretch marks again. i thought i had a few the other morning, but it was just sleep marks on my belly.
-james seems really excited still. he loves his cousin max, but i do worry about him feeling left out or replaced or ignored. he wants to play with max's swing and bouncer and we have to repeat "that's not for you, that's for max" a ton.
-i'm really really hoping this baby nurses easier than james. it took us 6 loooong months to find a groove, thank you lip tie. if she has one, we will revise it ASAP. but hopefully, hopefully, she doesn't have one.
-jamesy is almost 3! i can barely believe it. he is hilarious and sweet. today he stamped all over his naked self while i was doing my hair. he calls the first planes "happy airplanes" and the second "airplanes with the fire". i need to do a james specific post.
-i have some inklings of when she will come, but i just want her to come when a-she is ready and b-the midwife i have met with all but once this pregnancy is on call. i have loved her and really want her there.