Friday, January 2, 2015

30 weeks

home stretch! i have been loving this pregnancy, and i'm grateful to feel this way.
mindfulness and being intentional have really made a difference between this pregnancy and james'. the two+ years of research on birth i'd done between james and this babe have really opened up my world! before james i wouldn't have imagined i'd be passionate about birth, much less preparing for an out of hospital medication free birth, but here i am. and i couldn't be more excited, truly! i'm blessed to have some friends and family who have planned similar births before me to turn to for guidance-and i feel like i'm asking them questions ALL the time (thank you charity, chelice, and ashley!)!!

this pregnancy has been so different from james' too, in symptoms as well as overall attitude. i've been wanting to record them so here goes. hopefully i can remember them all.

james/baby 2

-moderate nausea for 13ish weeks/extreme nausea for 9, then a sudden end
-one day of vomiting/apparently i'm not over that as i threw up a couple days ago
-extreme fatigue during the first and last trimester/extreme fatigue for the first 9 weeks, then just mild since
-felt first movement around 20 weeks/first movement around 13 weeks, even with an anterior placenta
-saw first movement from the outside around the third tri/first outside movement around 20 weeks
-never had even one dream/tons of strange dreams. so, so strange at first
-never cold/still cold!
-really dark linea nigra/teeny tiny faint one
-serious emotional swings/like none. i started to have a couple days of angry ness this week, but was reminded that i ran out of my fermented cod liver oil (vitamin d yo!) and as soon as i upped it, i was back to normal
-my hair pretty  much stopped falling out/seems to fall out at it's normal rate
-really really foggy brain/not so much. a few things i've forgotten here and there but overall it's good
-pretty sure i didn't have much sciatic or back pain/sciatic and back pain since 24 ish weeks. praise the maternity belt!

probably there are more and i'll add them if i remember because it really has been so interesting. i was sure she was a girl since the beginning, and the disparity in symptoms further assured me. and i was right!

i'm a couple weeks into hypnobabies. it's really interesting and i do like it. since james hasn't napped for months it's difficult to find 30-45 minutes a day to listen and practice, but danny's a champ and helps out. sometimes i feel like it's a lot of work, but it should be. i wish i'd been more mindful and tried to prepare for james' birth-i feel like the transition to motherhood may have been easier for me if i had been. but! you live and you learn. the affirmation track is excellent. i love being told "my changing body is radiantly beautiful" a couple times a day!

here's to 10+ more weeks, patience, and trusting birth, my body, and my baby.

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