Sunday, September 14, 2014

round two

well, it was bound to happen sometime! baby brown #2 is due mid March.

just over 14 weeks

i *think* james understands. we've been watching some birthing videos and he's asked if i will push the baby out, so that seems promising! up until a few weeks ago though he thought everyone had a baby in their tummy.

this pregnancy has been so very different from james'. much more intense nausea and fatigue from about 5-9 weeks, when it kind of *snap* disappeared. i was worried and told a friend, and right after waves of nausea came back. it's been on and off since. 

when we went to the birth center for my 12 week appointment we were expecting to hear the baby's heartbeat. they couldn't find one at all, and with my symptoms alleviating we chose to do an ultrasound. 

a midwife met us at the OB office and waited 40 long minutes for us to be called back. as soon as the wand was placed on my abdomen, we saw a squirmy little baby. it was so, so relieving, lots of emotions that day.

i'm in a group of pregnant women who are getting together to discuss the book "the gift of giving life". it is a phenomenal book and has given me a lot of things to ponder. 


  1. Did you have James naturally?! A birthing center will be cool! I used hypnobabies with Abraham and although I didn't end up using a lot (or any) of the techniques, I definitely think it helped me be able to have him naturally (at 41 weeks and 5 days, 9 b 15 oz!!!). I LOVED the positive affirmations every day. So great. I love your hair short. So cute!!

  2. Congrats! And I'm so glad you are enjoying the Gift of Giving Life. Best wishes for this pregnancy. You are doing a marvelous work :)