Tuesday, December 3, 2013

james at 21 months

my favorite things about the mister:
-asks to "sit?" whenever he sees a chair or counter top
-asks to wash "hand?" when i wash mine
-says "BYU" whenever he sees the Y (or a lot of other letters...) and then follows it with "go cougars!" which sounds like "go dada"
-knows most of his aunts and uncles names-at least the ones who live here
-says "sup" when he sees derek, bryce, or amber
-LOVES trains. loves loves loves them. every time i turn the TV on he asks "choo choo?"
-plays with cars lots. says "vroom"
-started some pretend play where he pretends to be asleep and snores
-absolutely loves nursery
-has a few friends he loves and says their names well (ryker, natalie, elsie, hudson)
-still has me as his favorite person
-runs everywhere. no walking for this guy
-says "windy" and "raining" and "snow"
-has started saying "i got it" and "it's stuck"
-sings a little
-would eat all day long if i let him. he loves fruit (i've cut him off after 4 cuties before), mashed potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower.
-still loves being worn in the tula.
-loves buttons and zippers and points them out
-is finally really liking books
-loves baby will. my sister and him are in california for 5 weeks and james keeps asking for "haley" and "will"
-wants to knock on every door he sees
-pats his bum and says "bum bum" when he needs a diaper change
-he's very easy going and loves people. he says "hi" and waves to everyone
-walks backwards and spins around to make you laugh
-loves the lights around our window and christmas tree
-loves dogs. "PUPPY" he shouts when he sees one
-every ball is a "football", though he's started saying "soccer" (a lot of spitting is involved)
-loves helping and imitating me. he pretends to put on makeup, wears my necklaces, and will try to take his temperature since he sees me do that daily.
-loves making people laugh. he is a sweet boy.

three more months till he's two. crazy!