Sunday, September 1, 2013

18 months old

It's hard to grasp that it's been 6 months since my mister turned 1 and we dressed him up in a sombrero and mustache. He's still a silly boy with bright blue eyes and super white hair, but he talks non stop and is climbing all over now. 

-has around 40 words, including his new favorites "yucky" and "trash"
-loves to have pandora on the TV. He hands me the controller in the morning, looks at the TV, and starts dancing. 
-is super independent. He wants to open my and his car door, navigate to pandora with the TV controller, put the laundry in the washer, close the door himself, etc. It is so fun and also helps my patience. 
-slept all the way through the night once. It was awesome and hasn't happened since. 
-is wishy-washy with books. Sometimes he loves to sit and look at a bunch and point to the things I name, and sometimes he gets through a page or two and is DONE. 
-knows a ton of body parts and just learned elbow and knee last week. And he loves finding other people's noses. 
-is really starting to love songs with actions. 
-loves his aunt Haley and identifies her in (even upside down!) pictures. 
-sits up and moves around and then lays his head on my or Danny's torso when he is in bed with us. Usually that's when the bed sharing ends. 
-still fits into most 12 month shirts and pants and has started into his 18 month stuff. 
-really is loving being in a carrier these days. Makes it real handy when I don't want to lug a stroller around. 
-is obsessed with the water. Fearless in the wave pool and almost never wants to be held at seven peaks. 
-loves the playground and fire hydrants. 
-used to love the vacuum but is terrified of it now!
-loves eating dirt. Classic boy. 
-also is an easy eater. Eats almost everything.
-throws EVERYTHING. This stage is not so fun. 
-is obsessed with Danny's longboard and wants me to push him around it all day. 
-loves other kids sooo much. He really is so social. 
-has been nursing to sleep more lately and it makes me miss the days of tiny, sleepy James. *almost* enough to make me baby hungry but not quite. 

He has been so much fun to have around. I do miss the days of not having a destroyed house by the end of the day, but the open mouthed kisses while he says "love you" are worth it. So so worth it. 

We adore you little man. You're so perfect for our family. 


  1. I LOVE these posts! They always give me so much to look forward to with my boys!

    I can't wait to have them all play together when we get back this winter!

  2. he's a baby genius...seriously he's so smart, and frickin adorable! Look at him in those grey skinnies on a longboard! Love him!