Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Farmington, NM

Danny's grandma had her 90th birthday party last weekend! We headed down to Farmington to celebrate with Danny's family. 

Four of Danny's six siblings came so it was *almost* a family reunion for them. Christmas will be the real one though!

The desert was so pretty. It was cloudy and almost cool while we were there which was such a nice break from his horrible Utah summer. 

We had a hamburger lunch at the park and played badminton, went swimming at the hotel, and visited grandma Boyd's adorable home. Her gardens were amazing and her backyard is cliffs and rocks and desert land. Danny and his siblings talk about playing there while growing up and it was fun to see where their stories took place. 

Playing in the dirt
Succulents in the garden
Hiking in grandma Boyd's backyard at sunset 
The big rock in front of grandma Boyd's house

On our way home we stopped in Moab and hiked delicate arch. It happened to also be free national parks day! James was exhausted and a bit out of control, so after about 1/4 mile hike I stopped, nursed him, and then continued the hike. He had been on Danny's back, but then I put him on my front and he did fine. I got a lot of comments about it! I'm glad we have good carriers for fun hikes though. It was tough hiking that with him (especially in the front), but it was gorgeous and raining and cool. Perfect perfect. 
The fat finally fell asleep on me! He only got a 20-30 minute nap but it was better than nothing I suppose. 

This was such a fun yet unfortunately short trip. I can't wait for Christmas to spend more time with the brown clan.