Saturday, June 29, 2013

Prayers please!

My sweet sister asked James and I to go with her to her routine OB appointment on Friday. Once we went back, they took her blood pressure and it was fairly high. The nurse took us into an exam room and had her lie down in the dark. After a few minutes the OB came in and talked to us about preeclampsia. He said he wanted Haley to go straight to labor and delivery for some testing. 

After the appointment, the nurse took her blood pressure again-it was 175/125! Not good at all. We headed to L&D. 

They were ready for her once we got there. They took us back into a room and  had her change into a lovely gown. Her blood pressure continued to be high, though not as high as before we left the OBGYN. 

Haley asked how long we'd be there and they said awhile. After some tests came back, the doctor came and visited with us. Basically he said that she has preeclampsia and they would need to deliver the baby within a couple days. She is only 26 weeks along. They did an ultrasound on the babe and he looks awesome. A little low fluid but growth is perfect. 

As of tonight, her preeclampsia is mild! Her blood pressure has stayed down without medication and there is only minimal protein spilling from her kidneys. 

We are so, so grateful for the prayers everyone has offered on her behalf. Thank you! We hope the little man can continue cooking for several more weeks at least. 

Love you Haley! Keep growing that baby boy!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my Danny! It's been a fun 15.5 months since we became parents.

We love you Danny! 

Danny asked for his mom's Texas fudge cake for dessert. Full of refined sugar and margarine, it is delicious. Like I said, switching to whole foods is a process. And I don't want a life without treats now and then, that's for sure! Recipe found here