Friday, May 24, 2013

Fastest road trip

Danny's dad's twin brother died last week. The funeral was in Gilbert, AZ and we weren't planning on going. On Friday morning Amber, Danny, Derek, my Danny, James and I decided we'd go down. We secured a rental van (thank you car dealership family hookups) and finally left Utah at 10pm. 

I should have drugged James (judge away!) but I didn't. He slept terribly-max 7 hours with wake ups every 1-2 hours. We stopped once on the way down and pulled into the hotel at 7am. Mama and Papa Brown were at the curb waiting for us (Duaine may have called us every few hours to see how close we were) and it was so nice to see them! 

Mister was grumpy the whole time but did give off a few smiles here and there. He was nice and noisy during the funeral service so we had to hang out in the hall/go to Sonic for a caffeine fix. 

I'm so glad we could see them. They haven't seen James in person since Thanksgiving and he wasn't even crawling yet!

We enjoyed the things the south (does AZ count as the south??) has to offer: warmth, Bluebell ice cream, Quiktrip, and friendly people. We visited with Grandma Brown for a bit as well-James and I had never met her before. She is 96 or 97 and is sharp as a tack. She remembers minutiae about people she has never met! The sweet lady has outlived her husband and two children now. What a trooper. 

On the way home we attempted to stop at the Grand Canyon but it would have added at least 2 hours to our trip and James was done! Too bad it wasn't over Memorial Day weekend or it would have been perfect. 

I love my in laws. I know how much of a blessing that is too. James had fun with them and we'll probably see them again at the end of the summer.