Tuesday, April 2, 2013

we have a walker

james took his first steps the week before he turned 1. now he can probably be categorized as a walker. he toddles all over and i love watching his chubby little bow legs go go go. he can even bend down, pick something up, and stand back up without falling.

danny taught him how to play basketball, and to call it "yesssss" since danny says "yesss" after making a basket. so every time james sees his basketball hoop or basketball he goes "esss". it's the cutest.

in other exciting news, mason jennings came to BYU and tickets were only $6 each. it was unbelievable. mason is danny's very favorite musician and he truly is so incredibly talented. danny and i both love music (though different types) yet aren't huge fans of concerts. i have asthma so hate breathing smoke and being around people drinking alcohol make us a bit uncomfortable. and sweaty mosh pits aren't my fave. but since this was at BYU there was no smoking or drinking, and while there were more people than we expected to see there, there was no rubbing shoulders or bellies with sweaty people. danny's brother got us pretty amazing spots right at the front. toward the end we were literally right next to the stage. mason was so perfect live. it was a once in a lifetime experience and i'm so, so grateful we could go.