Monday, February 11, 2013

11 months old

oh this baby! he is a hoot.

he says: mama (not intentionally yet), dada (sometimes intentionally), hi, uh-oh, all done, and just started saying bubbles.
he has stood alone a couple times, but cruises so dang fast.
he takes two naps that usually are an hour but sometimes, blessedly, are longer.
he sleeps 7/8-3/4/5-7/8, with the 3/4/5 being a nursing session. i'm sure we could get rid of it but i don't mind it.
he still loves eating but is becoming more of a stinker and chucking things on the ground sometimes.
he loves exploring and taking everything out of cupboards and shelves. i wonder what the point of picking up is.
he has the most hilarious face i've named his stinker face.
he gives kisses sometimes.
he isn't attached to any toy or blanket. i wonder if that will come, or if it's me right now since he nurses frequently.

we're having a family birthday party for him in a few weeks. it's fiesta themed! danny and i made this invite yesterday for it and we LOVE it.
 here's the stinker face!
 and here is our sad little amigo. not a fan of the hat or the mustache.

we love you james! we've been so blessed to have you for almost an entire year.

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  1. NO WAY. Look at the cheeks on that kid. And the little mustache. And the hat. And maracas. The scrunchy nose picture is too cute.