Sunday, December 2, 2012

thanksgiving 2012

this year we had thanksgiving in seattle with danny's family. we stayed with jess and jaron in a suburb of seattle with grandma and grandpa brown. it was wonderful. we drove up (13.5 hours each way!) with danny's little brother. thankfully i only had to drive about 2, maybe 3, hours of the whole trip. james did alright. he really dislikes the dark so there was some fussing as soon as the sun started setting. he also didn't like sleeping in new places, so we all returned home pretty tired. it was so fun to have james play with his grandma and grandpa, aunt, uncles, and only cousins. mama brown is a phenomenal cook, and it was nice to have her meals to eat. for thanksgiving she made rolls, cinnamon rolls, pumpkin pie, french silk pie, cheesecake, an apple/sweet potato dish, and i'm sure more things. so delicious! i sneaked james some french silk pie and he got mad when i stopped! he loved the turkey too. papa brown made a moist, moist turkey. we also spent one day downtown and went to pike place and a delicious place called ivar's for fish and chips. james got to eat some fresh clam chowder and he loved it. 

seattle is such a beautiful place. even though it is the rainy season, and it did rain almost every day, washington has such a diverse landscape. hills, lakes, bays, plains. very different from dallas, broken arrow, and utah!

i also saw several women nursing. i rarely see moms nurse here! i loved that too!

on our drive up there in his new convertible car seat!
 james also got his first fever on our trip. it got up to 102.5 but he kicked it in a day!
 grandma pushing mister around
 still a little under the weather
 eating clam chowder
 at the international fountain
 danny checking on the babe
 pike place
 hanging out
 drive home

by next thanksgiving, all of the brown siblings will be off missions and hopefully in one place! i'm really hoping we can all go to BA for christmas next year. lots of people! 


  1. I call my in-laws Mama Wallace and Papa Wallace! ha ha! awesome.

  2. It was so very fun. I just love you, Danny and of course Mister James!!