Thursday, December 13, 2012

At nine months old

Weight: 20.22 lbs/56.83%
Height: 29.32 in/81.1%
Head: 18.89 in/98.78%

Pulls to stand.
Is starting to cruise.
Usually poos on the toilet.
Imitates some actions.
Loves sweet potato fries, beans, bread, pork chops, chicken, cheese, and cuties.
Chucks eggs off his tray almost always.
Eats meals or snacks 2-3 times a day.
Knows what "come here" means with the accompanying gesture, and "milk" with the sign too.
Prefers mom over everyone.
Loves nursing and does so about 6 times a day.
Sleeps in the cutest positions.
Wears 9 month clothing.
Gets mad when I take my camelbak away from him.
Pulls everything off of shelves.
Always reaches for my or Danny's phone.
Loves "playing guitar".
Has the sweetest giggle.
Has a bazillion bruises from his constant movement.

We are so excited for his first Christmas.

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