Monday, October 8, 2012

5 and 6 months

Holy cow does this kid get more fun or what??? I love being his mama

To note:
-we moved into a two bedroom and James has his own room now. It's been nothing short of wonderful to pile all his crap in his room.
-all of us sleep better. We don't wake each other up during our natural sleep cycles.
-James can sit alone! This doesn't encourage him to roll (yep 7 months old and doesn't roll!!) but it helps him play independently and explore more things.
-he babbles like crazy! Mostly "dadada" but some "nanana" sneaks in here and there. He's spitting more too haha. He loves making sounds.
-we offer solids 1-3 times a day, and probably average 1.5 now depending on sleep and nap schedules. He definitely loves sweet potatoes the most because that's the only thing I've found in his diapers so far!
-he likes being read to. I love board books.
-he is a great pal. We currently are a one car family so we go on walks daily. He likes our walks and hikes and adventures.
-we are adjusting his naps to extend waketime and improve his night time sleep. According to Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, 16% of babies his age take three naps. Well, James seems to fit in there. Awesome book btw. The author is a pediatric sleep specialist so the info is from a research base instead of from parenting "experts".
-James is imitating sounds and actions.
-he can put his binky in his mouth hallelujah.
-my mama, sister, grandma, aunt, and cousin came into town and James got to spend some quality time with them (as did I!). Happened to run into my cousin Heather and her daughter Jane at breakfast.
-we started some sleep teaching and weaning from the swaddle.
-we also started working on elimination communication. Very very early stages.
-my very favorite: when I get ready to nurse him, once he sees the boob he dive bombs himself onto it. It's hysterical and I love it. I never ever ever thought I would love nursing but it is so special to me. Especially now that he lets me nurse him sitting up!!

Question to my friends who nurse or have nursed: when did your period come back? Mine still isn't here and James has been sleeping from 8-4/5 without eating for at least one month, probably 2-3. I would have expected it to return by now.

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  1. I didn't have one until Lila was already 1. I thought it was weird too, but a lot of my friends have actually been that way. I still breastfeed and are still inconsistent, so... who knows...