Wednesday, July 4, 2012

james goes swimming

my dad, his wife, and a bunch of kids came up last week.
(bunch of kids=my sister, half brother, step-niece and step-nephew)
my dad's parents live in slc so they can visit lots of us!
my uncle and his family also came up from az. 
they have a 10 week old who is teeny! but he was a nicu baby and 6 weeks premature,
so that's to be expected.
last year when my dad's family came, we told them i was pregnant! and now james is here :)
after a picnic in the mountains one day, we went swimming
at my grandparents' friend's home.
it was so nice on a hot day.
 look at that bum! i die!
 getting used to the water with danny. he really liked it after a few minutes!
watching from the sides with mommy. 
the boys were playing water basketball and it was way to splashy for us both.

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