Saturday, July 14, 2012

four whole months

this month, little man has learned to hold his head up in tummy time! finally!
he went back to longer stretches of sleep,
but not the 7-8 like before. usually two five hour stretches. not bad.

he went swimming for the first time and really liked it (except for the splashing).

he also got to see lots of my family when they drove up for the week. 
he was so dang happy, even with shorter naps and a new environment.

 he is batting at objects now,
turning and reaching to his side,
and smiling when he sees us. it's the best.

he insists on nursing lying down and usually prefers to be swaddled as well.
we're working on naps on a flat surface and not in the swing.
his whole face lights up when he sees me, and i die.
he coos a lot, especially in the morning. it's like
he wants to tell me he missed me and what he dreamed about.
he flails his arms and legs like crazy when he's excited and it's hysterical.
he's in 3-6 month clothes. it was sad to put all his 0-3 month clothes away,
but these ones are so cute.
he still loves his daddy and gives him the best laughs.

stats (get ready!):
weight-16.2lbs-58.7 percentile
height-26.25in-84.4 percentile
head-17.87in-99.79 percentile

so if you think he has a huge head when you see him,
you're right. it's more or less off the charts.

we love this kid.

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