Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What I Wish I'd Have Known: Baby Blues

Baby blues are a less severe form of postpartum depression. They include anxiety, a lack of sleep, crying for no reason, fatigue, a lack of concentration, and poor concentration.

1. Completely normal. An estimated 70-80% of moms get them after their baby is born. Even if your own mom didn't have them with 5 babies (!!), it is so okay that you are experiencing them.

2. A lack of sleep can seriously amplify them. So can percocet I learned.

3. For me, our breastfeeding problems made the baby blues so much worse.

4. It won't last forever. Mine was one week three days. The longest one week three days of my life however.

5. It may make you uneasy to be alone with your baby. My anxiety increased when my mom went home and Danny was at work or school. I was so, so new to this and I felt like I had no idea what to do when James cried. I had wanted to be a mom forever, and now that I was, I felt so inadequate to simply meet James' needs.

6. Your appetite won't exist and you'll need reminders to eat. Even if you don't eat a ton, eat. EAT! Set a timer, make someone remind you, write in on the mirror. Also sleeping may be difficult. Melatonin can solve that and can be taken while nursing.

7. If it is truly baby blues and not PPD, it will NOT last forever. It's not a bad idea however to consult your doctor just to make sure. And you will get asked about it, whether or not you had it, at follow up pedi and obgyn appts.

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  1. aly, this series is amazing! i'm not even pregnant but i feel like i'm taking all these notes and pointers from you. i have GOT to come back here when i'm having a baby. i can't forget this stuff!