Thursday, May 31, 2012

three months old

can you believe it?
the little mister is a quarter of a year old.
we are absolutely loving watching his personality come out.
he is a blast
and such a happy boy.

this month has offered new adventures.
i have returned to work full time
and james is in daycare part time
at my work
and with danny part time
while he job hunts.

we also had our first (hopefully last!)
night of just me and james
while danny flew out to CA for a job interview.
wouldn't that be a super fun place to live??

mister decided to stop gaining weight and
then to even lose some,
but then he gained a whole pound
in a week.
he dropped from the 48th percentile
to the 10th
then up to the 18th.
his pedi is sure by 4 months
he'll be back to the 50 range
fingers crossed! all this extra pumping
better be worth it.

he also decided he likes the bottle
better than the boob
but i'm not giving up yet.

we also have ditched the nipple shield!
it is wonderful.

also this month: first giggles, finally liking bath time i think because of the song i sing to him, his first bout of sickness which SUCKED, hating his carseat less (buh bye elephant ears!), meeting baby hudson, talking back and forth with us, going from 7-8 hours a night to 2-3 thank you growth spurt (?), and just lots of fun with him.

hopefully we can take him swimming soon!

3 month (okay 2 month 28 day) stats:
12.48 lbs --->17.95 percentile
25.25 inches long --->92.47 percentile
16.85 cm head circumference --->97.86 percentile

poor kid hates tummy time. can you blame him? his head is ginormous. 

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