Thursday, April 12, 2012

6 weeks old

Our little man is 6 weeks today! How crazy. He is definitely getting into a better routine. We're following most principles from Babywise (yeah, I don't want to hear it if you are against it. I've read a lot and heard a lot. It's working for us.) and he is sleeping okay most nights. About a 7 hour stretch every other night and a 5 one on the others. Generally I can put him down awake and he'll get himself to sleep. Lots of times by looking at his mobile or at the contrast of the black picture frames on the wall. We haven't done cry it out but we also haven't really needed to.

He still fits into some newborn clothes! He is becoming happier and we are getting better at reading his cues. Generally when he is fussy, he is tired. Or has a wet diaper. It's funny how much he hates those!

Other things he hates:
-Diaper changes right after waking up. He just wants to eat! Plus the cold on his bum is probably not ideal.
-The carseat. At least when it's still. Once we are moving he's usually okay. Usually.
-Waiting to eat. Like when I wake him up and have to get myself ready for 2 minutes before feeding him.
-Tummy time.
-When we help him by getting boogers out of his nose. Sorry kid.

What he loves:
-Mom's boobs.
-His binky.
-Looking at his mobile, watching us move across the room.
-Going outside on walks.
-His daddy. Seriously. He gives Danny his best smiles. No fair.
-His swing, even when it isn't swinging. So what if that's where he naps and sleeps. Works for us.
-Facetiming with Nana Nat. It's so fun!
-His bouncy seat.

Man this kid is fun! I am doing all I can to not think about how I have to leave him and go back to work in a few weeks. May the rest of my maternity leave feel like forever!

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