Monday, January 23, 2012

35 weeks

I can't believe I'm posting this picture...I feel like a whale!

-sleeping through the night hasn't happened in months
-I'm peeing constantly, but drinking constantly too
-heartburn from the weirdest things! Like water if I drink it at night!
-never have had weird dreams
-i can eat lots
-I'm getting elbowed and kneed in my guts all day long
-he gets hiccups now
-weight gain was about 17-18 lbs last Tuesday. Not to shabby with 5 weeks to go
-never cold, never hot
-as terrifying as labor and delivery looks and sounds, I'm definitely getting to the point where getting the baby out sounds great. Also I want to be able to run and to sleep on my stomach


  1. youre beautiful!!! and sleeping on your stomach will feel incredible. i felt the same way :) love ya !!

  2. Aly! You look GREAT!! May I suggest a few pampering items that might help you feel a bit better and maybe sleep easier? Maternity massages and pedicures. The massage releases a LOT of muscle tension you don't even know you have, most places have fabulous bolsters that let you get a massage and lay on your stomach comfortably and you leave so relaxed you can't help but sleep at least a little longer and better.

    Pedicures- great for a feel-good foot massage, helping circulation with swollen feet and ankles AND your feet/toes look great when you're in labor! :)