Monday, January 23, 2012

35 weeks

I can't believe I'm posting this picture...I feel like a whale!

-sleeping through the night hasn't happened in months
-I'm peeing constantly, but drinking constantly too
-heartburn from the weirdest things! Like water if I drink it at night!
-never have had weird dreams
-i can eat lots
-I'm getting elbowed and kneed in my guts all day long
-he gets hiccups now
-weight gain was about 17-18 lbs last Tuesday. Not to shabby with 5 weeks to go
-never cold, never hot
-as terrifying as labor and delivery looks and sounds, I'm definitely getting to the point where getting the baby out sounds great. Also I want to be able to run and to sleep on my stomach

Saturday, January 21, 2012

26 years

My man is 26 today! Close to 30 I keep telling him.

So, here are 26 things about Danny.

1-he loves treats as much as me. We make a batch of cookies about once a week.
2-he is very computer-savvy. Both my family members and his call him for help.
3-he is the smartest person I know. He learns so quickly.
4-along with that, he retains TONS of info. He actually walks out of the testing center with the knowledge he entered with.
5-he learns and solves problems differently that most. He studies a problem for 2-3 minutes and if he can't figure it out, he simply thinks and thinks and thinks until he knows. Without the book or paper or problem in front of him. I used to think he wasn't doing anything, but now I know.
6-he loves BYU basketball and football. We've spent many an hour at and watching games.
7-in the morning, his hair looks like he has devil horns. I love it.
8-he has great blue eyes.
9-he is a good little dancer, but there's no chance he'll let anyone else see his skills.
10-he has become much more outgoing in the last 3 years. He is more comfortable making conversation with people he's unfamiliar with.
11-he is a super helper around the house. He helps do dishes, wash and fold laundry, clean.
12-he is an excellent griller on our little portable grill.
13-he likes playing games with me and friends.
14-unbelievably, tonight he used ALL his blokus pieces. Twice.
15-he is very patient. He balances me nicely.
16-he likes holding hands. Which I like.
17-he likes to read a lot. I can't wait until he's not in school anymore and can read for fun.
18-he loves coke, mountain dew, and code red.
19-he taught himself how to play "come thou fount" on the guitar on his mission-without any help from tabs or other people.
20-he is a meat and potatoes man.
21-he likes adventures. We've taken some fun trips together.
22-he likes to laugh. It takes quite the effort on my part to get him to laugh, but he enjoys funny shows.
23-he wanted a kitchenaid more than me!
24-he is a strong priesthood leader in our home. He does his home teaching, fulfills his callings, takes me to the temple, says prayers and reads scriptures daily with me.
25-he loves his family. He looks forward to spending time with them.
26-he takes great care of me. Buys me sonic when I need a drink, never says no to wendy's if we don't feel like cooking, helps curb spending habits to save money, always asks my opinion on big decisions, and does his part to help us function as a true team.

Happy birthday Danny! Next year we'll have an almost one year old!