Thursday, December 13, 2012

At nine months old

Weight: 20.22 lbs/56.83%
Height: 29.32 in/81.1%
Head: 18.89 in/98.78%

Pulls to stand.
Is starting to cruise.
Usually poos on the toilet.
Imitates some actions.
Loves sweet potato fries, beans, bread, pork chops, chicken, cheese, and cuties.
Chucks eggs off his tray almost always.
Eats meals or snacks 2-3 times a day.
Knows what "come here" means with the accompanying gesture, and "milk" with the sign too.
Prefers mom over everyone.
Loves nursing and does so about 6 times a day.
Sleeps in the cutest positions.
Wears 9 month clothing.
Gets mad when I take my camelbak away from him.
Pulls everything off of shelves.
Always reaches for my or Danny's phone.
Loves "playing guitar".
Has the sweetest giggle.
Has a bazillion bruises from his constant movement.

We are so excited for his first Christmas.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

thanksgiving 2012

this year we had thanksgiving in seattle with danny's family. we stayed with jess and jaron in a suburb of seattle with grandma and grandpa brown. it was wonderful. we drove up (13.5 hours each way!) with danny's little brother. thankfully i only had to drive about 2, maybe 3, hours of the whole trip. james did alright. he really dislikes the dark so there was some fussing as soon as the sun started setting. he also didn't like sleeping in new places, so we all returned home pretty tired. it was so fun to have james play with his grandma and grandpa, aunt, uncles, and only cousins. mama brown is a phenomenal cook, and it was nice to have her meals to eat. for thanksgiving she made rolls, cinnamon rolls, pumpkin pie, french silk pie, cheesecake, an apple/sweet potato dish, and i'm sure more things. so delicious! i sneaked james some french silk pie and he got mad when i stopped! he loved the turkey too. papa brown made a moist, moist turkey. we also spent one day downtown and went to pike place and a delicious place called ivar's for fish and chips. james got to eat some fresh clam chowder and he loved it. 

seattle is such a beautiful place. even though it is the rainy season, and it did rain almost every day, washington has such a diverse landscape. hills, lakes, bays, plains. very different from dallas, broken arrow, and utah!

i also saw several women nursing. i rarely see moms nurse here! i loved that too!

on our drive up there in his new convertible car seat!
 james also got his first fever on our trip. it got up to 102.5 but he kicked it in a day!
 grandma pushing mister around
 still a little under the weather
 eating clam chowder
 at the international fountain
 danny checking on the babe
 pike place
 hanging out
 drive home

by next thanksgiving, all of the brown siblings will be off missions and hopefully in one place! i'm really hoping we can all go to BA for christmas next year. lots of people! 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Growing up

In the last week or so, James has begun pulling to stand, and today he got into sitting and sort of army crawled. My heart breaks that he is growing so fast yet swells with pride at my once teeny boy growing up!

He's also getting more teeth! Three have poked through on the top and one more is on it's way. He'll have 6 teeth in the next week or two! And he lets me know while nursing-little nips. Not cute little dude.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

5 and 6 months

Holy cow does this kid get more fun or what??? I love being his mama

To note:
-we moved into a two bedroom and James has his own room now. It's been nothing short of wonderful to pile all his crap in his room.
-all of us sleep better. We don't wake each other up during our natural sleep cycles.
-James can sit alone! This doesn't encourage him to roll (yep 7 months old and doesn't roll!!) but it helps him play independently and explore more things.
-he babbles like crazy! Mostly "dadada" but some "nanana" sneaks in here and there. He's spitting more too haha. He loves making sounds.
-we offer solids 1-3 times a day, and probably average 1.5 now depending on sleep and nap schedules. He definitely loves sweet potatoes the most because that's the only thing I've found in his diapers so far!
-he likes being read to. I love board books.
-he is a great pal. We currently are a one car family so we go on walks daily. He likes our walks and hikes and adventures.
-we are adjusting his naps to extend waketime and improve his night time sleep. According to Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, 16% of babies his age take three naps. Well, James seems to fit in there. Awesome book btw. The author is a pediatric sleep specialist so the info is from a research base instead of from parenting "experts".
-James is imitating sounds and actions.
-he can put his binky in his mouth hallelujah.
-my mama, sister, grandma, aunt, and cousin came into town and James got to spend some quality time with them (as did I!). Happened to run into my cousin Heather and her daughter Jane at breakfast.
-we started some sleep teaching and weaning from the swaddle.
-we also started working on elimination communication. Very very early stages.
-my very favorite: when I get ready to nurse him, once he sees the boob he dive bombs himself onto it. It's hysterical and I love it. I never ever ever thought I would love nursing but it is so special to me. Especially now that he lets me nurse him sitting up!!

Question to my friends who nurse or have nursed: when did your period come back? Mine still isn't here and James has been sleeping from 8-4/5 without eating for at least one month, probably 2-3. I would have expected it to return by now.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sitting and eating

Mister is sitting! Last weekend he'd sit for 20-60 seconds. This weekend he sat for 3-5+ minutes!! He learned so quickly.

We've also started giving him some real food. He's tried sweet potato fries, avocado slices, cucumber slices, peach slices (canned and fresh), tomatoes slices, lime wedges and lemon wedges. We haven't done any purées and I'm not sure we will do a lot. There's a concept called "baby led weaning" where you let baby self feed and don't spoon feed them at all. We'll probably do some purées but it's really fun just handing him a chunk of food and letting him go for it. He's really loved everything we've tried so far! Breastmilk is supposed to be his main source of nutrition for the first year, so it isn't a big deal if he doesn't actually eat a bunch of real foods.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

five months

our little fatty has lived with us for 5 months now. he's around 17-18 lbs and his head is as huge as ever.

-almost rolled
-tasted chipotle guac
-met his great aunt kara, his aunt jess and uncle jaron, and his only cousins liv, warner, and buster
-met his aunt amber and uncle danny
-went to ikea
-has gotten much much better at tummy time
-sat for 10 seconds alone
-will let me nurse him sitting up hallelujah
-prefers to have someone next to him in the car
-has played with baby hudson and baby noah more
-is way aware of everything and won't nap unless it is dark and quiet
-still won't let me talk while he eats. or anyone really
-re-learned how to squawk. holy that kid has a loud voice
-smiles when i say 'mama'
-is still in love with his feet and hands

we laugh all the time with him. i had no idea how fun it would be to be a mommy but i love all of it. and danny loves being a dad too.

coming soon-family pics!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

four whole months

this month, little man has learned to hold his head up in tummy time! finally!
he went back to longer stretches of sleep,
but not the 7-8 like before. usually two five hour stretches. not bad.

he went swimming for the first time and really liked it (except for the splashing).

he also got to see lots of my family when they drove up for the week. 
he was so dang happy, even with shorter naps and a new environment.

 he is batting at objects now,
turning and reaching to his side,
and smiling when he sees us. it's the best.

he insists on nursing lying down and usually prefers to be swaddled as well.
we're working on naps on a flat surface and not in the swing.
his whole face lights up when he sees me, and i die.
he coos a lot, especially in the morning. it's like
he wants to tell me he missed me and what he dreamed about.
he flails his arms and legs like crazy when he's excited and it's hysterical.
he's in 3-6 month clothes. it was sad to put all his 0-3 month clothes away,
but these ones are so cute.
he still loves his daddy and gives him the best laughs.

stats (get ready!):
weight-16.2lbs-58.7 percentile
height-26.25in-84.4 percentile
head-17.87in-99.79 percentile

so if you think he has a huge head when you see him,
you're right. it's more or less off the charts.

we love this kid.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

james goes swimming

my dad, his wife, and a bunch of kids came up last week.
(bunch of kids=my sister, half brother, step-niece and step-nephew)
my dad's parents live in slc so they can visit lots of us!
my uncle and his family also came up from az. 
they have a 10 week old who is teeny! but he was a nicu baby and 6 weeks premature,
so that's to be expected.
last year when my dad's family came, we told them i was pregnant! and now james is here :)
after a picnic in the mountains one day, we went swimming
at my grandparents' friend's home.
it was so nice on a hot day.
 look at that bum! i die!
 getting used to the water with danny. he really liked it after a few minutes!
watching from the sides with mommy. 
the boys were playing water basketball and it was way to splashy for us both.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's been a year now

A year ago yesterday my little brother went into the MTC which means a year ago today we found out mister James was joining our family.

Yes I took lots of tests. It was fun to see the line darken!

We love you dude!

Friday, June 8, 2012


I die. These cheeks are amazing.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

three months old

can you believe it?
the little mister is a quarter of a year old.
we are absolutely loving watching his personality come out.
he is a blast
and such a happy boy.

this month has offered new adventures.
i have returned to work full time
and james is in daycare part time
at my work
and with danny part time
while he job hunts.

we also had our first (hopefully last!)
night of just me and james
while danny flew out to CA for a job interview.
wouldn't that be a super fun place to live??

mister decided to stop gaining weight and
then to even lose some,
but then he gained a whole pound
in a week.
he dropped from the 48th percentile
to the 10th
then up to the 18th.
his pedi is sure by 4 months
he'll be back to the 50 range
fingers crossed! all this extra pumping
better be worth it.

he also decided he likes the bottle
better than the boob
but i'm not giving up yet.

we also have ditched the nipple shield!
it is wonderful.

also this month: first giggles, finally liking bath time i think because of the song i sing to him, his first bout of sickness which SUCKED, hating his carseat less (buh bye elephant ears!), meeting baby hudson, talking back and forth with us, going from 7-8 hours a night to 2-3 thank you growth spurt (?), and just lots of fun with him.

hopefully we can take him swimming soon!

3 month (okay 2 month 28 day) stats:
12.48 lbs --->17.95 percentile
25.25 inches long --->92.47 percentile
16.85 cm head circumference --->97.86 percentile

poor kid hates tummy time. can you blame him? his head is ginormous. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

What I Wish I'd Have Known: Miscellaneous

1. You've got to ask for your painkillers. The nurses won't just bring them to you.

2. If you have an epidural, it's very likely you won't be allowed to sit up and since you're nine months pregnant, no laying on your back. Laying on your side is all you can do. I wish I'd have downloaded an audio book to listen to. I didn't sleep all night and reading a book on your side is difficult when you have an IV.

3. If you change your mind about something, speak up! I have always heard to send your baby to the nursery at night so you can sleep. So I did. The second James left I felt terrible. I honestly think it triggered my baby blues. I cried and cried but didn't say anything!!! I wish so badly I had told the nurses I wanted him back. Or at least kept him in with us the second night. But I didn't and I still feel bad for him that I just sent him away when I felt the way I did. I wish I could go back and change that.

4. Decide in advance if you want visitors at the hospital and let people know. But refer to number 3 if you change your mind. I wish we'd have made a no visitors policy-even though people told me it would be rude-because I really needed to nap at the hospital but I never could because people were there. Also, breastfeeding is a huge learning curve and it is not ideal to learn while people are watching you. Some women are great with visitors. I wish I'd have made everyone wait until we got home.

5. Ask questions! If you don't know something, ask.

6. People will be very opinionated about putting your baby on a schedule. I'd read Babywise a while back and the theory resonated with me. I reviewed it briefly the week before James was born and found a website ( that has a ton of great tips. After the jaundice was out, I started him on a 3 hour schedule of eat, play, sleep. OF COURSE I feed him if he's hungry before, but the biggest points are not letting him nurse to sleep and waking him up to feed him during the day so that he doesn't need to eat as much at night. It has been great. He does really well with it (minus the daycare throwing him off, but what can you do?). It takes him about 30 minutes to eat and then we play and then about 1.5 hours after he woke up we swaddle him, give him his binky, put him in his swing and let him get himself to sleep. I know lots of people are anti-BW but it works really well for us. The kid would sleep for 4-5 hours if he could during the day and I'd rather him sleep that long at night. We don't do cry it out (CIO) because we haven't needed to. Really the only reason he cries is because he needs his binky (and I'm okay with that prop) or he's hungry. Or he needs a diaper change. But a schedule has NOT effected my milk supply because I feed him MORE than I would if I solely fed on demand. Contrary to what many think about a schedule, I never EVER ever make him wait to eat. That's not what BW promotes either.

7. There are a dang ton of judgmental women out there. It's so so sad. They tell you what you "should" do and act as if anything different than what they do is detrimental to them, you, and your child. There are lots of supportive women but there are lots of crazies too. I will never understand why someone would care how I choose to raise my child, but some women do. Just be aware of that.

8. I wish I would have known how I would seriously never want to leave my baby, even for a date night. Most of the time James can come along but I really want to see a few movies and I think he's too old now to go. I think I'm going to have to wait for Redbox. And maybe go get movie theatre popcorn before!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I Wish I'd Have Known: Recovery

1. Welp you sure bleed a lot. Some girls only for a couple weeks, some for 6-8 weeks. All normal. At the hospital, ice packs, massive pads, tucks pads, the donut pillow, and painkillers are your friends. Once home, big pads (but not massive for some reason. i think the nurse said you can get a rash?), tucks pads, the donut pillow, and painkillers are your friend. It sounds strange that ice packs down there would feel good but oh my heck, awesome. Tucks pads are great too. The hospital provides most of that stuff. If you are setting timers to remember to eat, set them for your painkillers too. Stay on top of them and you'll be good.

2. Don't be too surprised if your appetite is gone at the hospital and the first few days after. I think the shock does that, and the hormones and baby blues. Danny had to remind me to eat or I would really go all day without food.

3. Some girls fit back into their pre-pregnancy jeans in weeks, some in years, some never. At 11 weeks out I'm almost there, but my body is still hanging onto about 10-15 lbs of baby weight. I've been tracking what I eat and exercising but it's looking like I may be one of those girls with a body that hangs onto some weight until I stop nursing. Dang. So suck it up and buy a pair or two of jeans that CURRENTLY fit you and make you feel good.

4. They gave me percocet and prescription strength tylenol. Percocet can make you loopy though. I didn't realize until I stopped taking it, but it made my baby blues more intense because it put me in a cloud. I don't think I really needed it-800mg of tylenol every 4-6 hours or whatever is a lot!

5. They say sleep when the baby sleeps-I couldn't because of the company we had and because of my anxiety. Man I was so so tired. Melatonin is safe for breastfeeding, I have learned. TAKE IT! It doesn't cause a hangover so even if it's for 2-3 hours of sleep it's worth it.

6. Accept help and meals. If you breastfeed, literally it is all you do for weeks. Cleaning and making food is just not going to happen. That's okay. Make freezer meals in advance and have high protein snacks on hand. Don't feel bad that you didn't do the dishes again. Recovery is hard on you and so is breastfeeding.

7. After the initial shock wears off, get out of the house and let people come over! Fresh air and sunshine does wonders and so does just catching up with friends.

8. Your stomach is going to be all kinds of flabby. I've heard it eventually goes away as you work at it but when you get depressed about it, look at your sweet baby. Worth it. Worth it worth it worth it. Also your pelvic bones are going to feel real funky when you try running.

9. Even if you thought you had child bearing hips before, don't be surprised if your hips spread even more. Dang baby boys!!

10. You will be so, so in love with your baby. It is unbelievable. It may not hit you right after birth, or even at the hospital, but it will and it will overwhelm you. Your baby will be all you can think about. Oh it is awesome and amazing. Oh it is crazy we make little people.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What I Wish I'd Have Known: Baby Blues

Baby blues are a less severe form of postpartum depression. They include anxiety, a lack of sleep, crying for no reason, fatigue, a lack of concentration, and poor concentration.

1. Completely normal. An estimated 70-80% of moms get them after their baby is born. Even if your own mom didn't have them with 5 babies (!!), it is so okay that you are experiencing them.

2. A lack of sleep can seriously amplify them. So can percocet I learned.

3. For me, our breastfeeding problems made the baby blues so much worse.

4. It won't last forever. Mine was one week three days. The longest one week three days of my life however.

5. It may make you uneasy to be alone with your baby. My anxiety increased when my mom went home and Danny was at work or school. I was so, so new to this and I felt like I had no idea what to do when James cried. I had wanted to be a mom forever, and now that I was, I felt so inadequate to simply meet James' needs.

6. Your appetite won't exist and you'll need reminders to eat. Even if you don't eat a ton, eat. EAT! Set a timer, make someone remind you, write in on the mirror. Also sleeping may be difficult. Melatonin can solve that and can be taken while nursing.

7. If it is truly baby blues and not PPD, it will NOT last forever. It's not a bad idea however to consult your doctor just to make sure. And you will get asked about it, whether or not you had it, at follow up pedi and obgyn appts.

Monday, May 14, 2012

What I Wish I'd Have Known: Breastfeeding

James and I are almost 11 weeks into breastfeeding. 10 weeks ago, I was ready to call it quits. Even 9 weeks ago I was. Here are some things I wish I'd have known (or paid attention to when other girls told me).

1. Breastfeeding is HARD. I don't like reading and hearing that "it shouldn't hurt" because that seems like a gross over-generalization to me. Don't be surprised if at first, it does. Your poor nips have likely never been sucked on by a teeny baby with a heck of a suck for hours. Keep trying! It gets better. Pinky swear. Have a lactation consultant check his or her latch. I had scabbed nipples and I cried so hard when James was hungry those first couple weeks because it KILLED when he latched on. After meeting with a LC, a nipple shield was recommended to help my nips heal. Engorgement does NOT make that any easier. If you have a pump, pump for a few minutes before nursing to help soften your boob. Now, I like the snuggle sessions and plus he's so dang cute when he eats.

2. If the nurses want you to supplement, think about using your own pumped milk before formula. I wish I had done that. I felt like SUCH a failure because the nurses made me feel like little James was starving (when in fact he hadn't even lost 7% of his birthweight when they started freaking out, and loosing up to 10% is normal-but he was jaundiced as well) so we used a supplemental nursing system of formula. Dang I wish I had pumped and used my own milk. I think it would have helped tremendously with the baby blues I experienced.

3. Learn to use the hospital pump. They are thousands of dollars and are super nice. I only used mine once (because I couldn't remember how it worked. Someone showed me but I was exhausted and Danny wasn't there to remember for me) but I wish I'd used it more. See above.

4. Research FIRST. Man I just figured I'd learn while doing it-and I did-but I wish I had done a little reading. is super helpful-but be aware, it leans to the attachment parenting side of things, which is great if that's your style. It is not mine, so I disregard a lot of the information. I have The Nursing Mother's Companion and it helped a lot those first few weeks. But if I had researched before, I would have felt more prepared.

5. Get a breastfeeding pillow. Recently I read that even with a brand new small baby, having dangling legs can put a lot of pressure and tugging on your nipples-which can lead to scabbed or at least very very sore nipples, like I had. I thought it would be superfluous. False. We use the My Brest friend Pillow. Love it. It's very firm and buckles around your waist so you can (technically) get up and walk around while nursing.

6. Learn to nurse lying down! We don't co-sleep so it is super nice to have these cuddly nursing sessions, and it's way less demanding on me to lay down rather than sit up in the middle of the night.

7. There are solutions for sore nips. Hydrogel pads, breast shells (I used these the first few weeks because I had random but large letdowns, and it kept my nips from rubbing on anything), lanolin, APNO, taking your painkillers 20-30 minutes before nursing, and if nothing else is working, nipple shields. We use the shield after meeting with a lactation consultant and while it's a pain when nursing in public, it allowed my nipples to heal and it made nursing a pleasant event instead of something I panicked about.

8. Listen to your mom's, your friends', your coworkers', your lactation consultant's, and your nurses' advice. Everybody is well meaning and I am sure everybody is convinced their opinion is the most accurate, but expect to hear conflicting research and opinions. Take pieces from everyone's advice to form your own philosophy. Expect LCs to be nazi-like about breastfeeding. Don't be surprised if the nurses push formula because your baby is loosing weight-which, by the way, is totally and completely normal and expected. Write down what you are being told when you are in the throes of the first days with your baby, so tired and sore and happy and overwhelmed, so you remember. Better yet, have someone with a great memory there listening too.

9. Know IT GETS BETTER. I had a hard time believing that in the first couple weeks, but it does.

10. Get help. Meet with a LC in the first week or so just to make sure everything is going smoothly. Read breastfeeding forums just to know you aren't alone. Vent to your husband, your mom, anyone who will listen and sympathize.

11. Don't be surprised if your baby wants to nurse all.the.time. It is so tiring. If you're sure he's done eating and is just comfort nursing, there are a few options. Some moms are okay with comfort nursing. It's not my favorite thing so I give James a binky. We did at the hospital. I'd heard too many stories of babies not taking a binky because the mom waited to offer it and I wanted none of that. Or you can just not comfort nurse and let your baby cry...haha. No thanks.

12. Jaundice=sleepy baby=wake to feed. Nurse every 2-3 hours those first few weeks. I feed James every 3 hours now during the day, unless he's hungry earlier. I still wake him to feed so he is on a schedule. He typically sleeps 945-330, eats, goes straight back down until 630/7. During the day I nurse sitting up but at his middle of the night and 630 feeding I feed him laying down to help him with the difference between day and night. I nurse him on the couch at night, with just the bathroom light on in the corner to keep it dark. So far he generally can settle himself back to sleep when I put him in his swing after eating. This is the only time I let him nurse to sleep.

13. If you are going back to work, don't stress about a freezer stash. Here is why.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

What I Wish I'd Have Known: What to Bring to the Hospital

Man did we overpack.

1. Some snacks. They provided me three meals a day but none for Danny, and when you have not eaten for 12 hours because of your dang IV and epidural, you are seriously starving.

2. Your own pillows.

3. Breastfeeding pillow. Yes you probably need one even if you don't think you do.

4. Comfy maternity pants for after delivery with lots of room in the crotch/bum area for your recovery supplies. Maternity yoga pants saved me.

5. Nursing tank or bra.

6. Something to write down your thoughts and the events.

7. Camera/video camera.

8. Your own blanket perhaps.

9. Slippers to walk around in.

10. The baby's take-home outfit.

11. Toiletries.

12. A book or audio book for labor.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

What I Wish I'd Have Known

Since I'm pretty much a pro now at mothering (ha, ha), I have put together a little "What I Wish I'd Have Known" series. I've had some time to think back on what I'd have done differently and I want to write it down for myself in the future and for others. I'll post them throughout the week.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two whole months

This happy boy is two months old!
11lb 14oz (48%ile)
24.25 inches (96%ile)
Head circumference was something that put him in the 97%ile. Poor kid-no wonder he hates tummy time!

He is smiling so much. He is a pretty happy baby, except for being in his carseat. We drove to Oklahoma a couple weeks ago and he was so good. Had a hard time in his carseat but as long as someone was back there with him he was better. He's responding to our voices and watching us walk around. He's a sweetheart!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Graduation day

Yesterday Danny graduated from BYU. James and I are so proud of him. No more homework, tests, papers, or grades. Onto bigger and better!

(never mind his too-small gown and 2010 tassel!)

Obviously James was thrilled.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

6 weeks old

Our little man is 6 weeks today! How crazy. He is definitely getting into a better routine. We're following most principles from Babywise (yeah, I don't want to hear it if you are against it. I've read a lot and heard a lot. It's working for us.) and he is sleeping okay most nights. About a 7 hour stretch every other night and a 5 one on the others. Generally I can put him down awake and he'll get himself to sleep. Lots of times by looking at his mobile or at the contrast of the black picture frames on the wall. We haven't done cry it out but we also haven't really needed to.

He still fits into some newborn clothes! He is becoming happier and we are getting better at reading his cues. Generally when he is fussy, he is tired. Or has a wet diaper. It's funny how much he hates those!

Other things he hates:
-Diaper changes right after waking up. He just wants to eat! Plus the cold on his bum is probably not ideal.
-The carseat. At least when it's still. Once we are moving he's usually okay. Usually.
-Waiting to eat. Like when I wake him up and have to get myself ready for 2 minutes before feeding him.
-Tummy time.
-When we help him by getting boogers out of his nose. Sorry kid.

What he loves:
-Mom's boobs.
-His binky.
-Looking at his mobile, watching us move across the room.
-Going outside on walks.
-His daddy. Seriously. He gives Danny his best smiles. No fair.
-His swing, even when it isn't swinging. So what if that's where he naps and sleeps. Works for us.
-Facetiming with Nana Nat. It's so fun!
-His bouncy seat.

Man this kid is fun! I am doing all I can to not think about how I have to leave him and go back to work in a few weeks. May the rest of my maternity leave feel like forever!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Chubby cheeks and froggy legs

Asleep after walking to Danny's class in 70 degree slightly breezy weather. Gotta take advantage of the it and my last three weeks of maternity leave.