Friday, December 23, 2011

two years down, eternity to go

three years ago, over a bowl of
not-for-decoration-only candy corns,
we first spoke.
after a christmas break of non-stop talking,
we did everything together.

it was with him that i enjoyed playing in the snow
for the first time.
we had our first kiss on a sledding date
and i fell fast.

eight months later we were engaged

and a year after our story began,
we were married for time and eternity.
the first year was not without it's difficulties
while we learned patience and teamwork
and how to assume the best in each other
(or maybe it was just me that needed to learn those!).

the second year brought trips to lava and seattle,
basketball and football games.
we have had fun
doing nothing-cleaning, cooking, watching tv.
and we found out that we get to bring a baby
into our little family.

these two years have been the best.
danny is a good, good man and
i hope our son is just like him.

happy anniversary husby!
thank you for putting up with me.

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