Tuesday, December 27, 2011

31 weeks

boy oh boy are we getting close.
could be 6 weeks, could be 11 really. his movements have become less twitchy and more controlled, and yesterday i'm pretty sure i felt his foot press on my hand as i held it against my belly.

things i will miss once he's here:
watching my belly move
feeling him fight back when i hunch over or wear pants with a tighter waistband
getting woken up by his squirms in the morning
an excuse to buy new clothes because nothing else fits
danny rubbing my belly, feeling baby brown move
the sense of wonder (and weirdness) that comes from watching my body make drastic changes as i actually grow a person
looking pregnant and getting to rub my belly
fabulous hair and nails
hearing his heartbeat at my appointments

things i will not miss once he's here:
sleeping on my stomach!
energy and desire to work out
gradually fitting into my clothes again
having my body back, besides nursing
being able to pop my back by twisting it
being able to bend over
fewer aches and pains
not having to pee all the time

we have finally rearranged our room (since we have just one) and definitely have room for a bassinet, maybe even a mini crib or pack and play and a small changing table/drawer. and i have a corner to decorate for him.

lastly-i know every pregnant girl asks this, but what on earth do i need for my hospital bag? danny's? and when should i pack it? help please!

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  1. It has been 13 months since we were planning these very things! The hospital will have all of the post-pregnancy needs and since you're paying for them wether you use them or not, just use theirs. (I can go into detail if you'd like but I don't know that this is the place.) Things that I brought in one bag:

    -Electronics: laptop, phone, camera & charging cords
    -A few hygiene items: Trial size of my favorite shampoo, toothpaste & brush, face wash, comb, brush & lotion for Craig to rub on my feet.
    -Nursing supplies: pump if you have or are using one, Lansanoh cream (you'll want it or something like it. I promise)
    -A few of my favorite treats like gum & little hard candies
    -Baby go home outfit (we actually took 3 since we didn't know which would fit!)
    -Mommy go home outfit (I looked about 6 months pregnant)
    -Car seat properly installed in your car. You can take it to a fire station or police dept. for help, to have it checked or if you don't know how.

    In the same bag I packed for Craig two full changes of clothes, snacks, a water bottle, some basic travel size hygiene items and I wish I had brought him a blanket & better pillow.

    For us, we packed just enough and not too much. I didn't want to take a ton of things since we were only going to be there two days but I also wanted a few little things to help me feel human and look presentable for visitors. Like I mentioned before, they will have all of the things you will need for your recovery and diapers and things for baby Brown. Don't worry about a diaper bag or anything like that. You'll have plenty of time to carry one of those around, promise!