Monday, December 12, 2011

29 weeks

in the bathroom at church. classy, i know. i seriously do not feel this big at all but apparently i am.
slowly baby brown's impending arrival is becoming more and more real. we shopped at the outlets this weekend with jason and rachel and found this teeny little dinosaur onesie and hat on sale. we died. dinosaurs are our favorite so we had to have it.
we also bought a travel system earlier! it also was on sale (this is how we shop) and assembled most of it.
baby brown LOVES waking up at 545/6 and doing jumping jacks inside of me. which is awesome since my alarm goes off at 7 thus costing me an hour or so of sleep. thank goodness i love him :) and it's so reassuring to feel him move and know that he's doing alright. i'm pretty sure he goes back and forth from laying sideways and his head in my right rib. i can't bend over anymore.

nausea has returned, not in full force, and so has the fatigue. my hair is seriously more awesome than it's ever been (i can go 5 days without washing it and you can't tell!!! a dream!). my pelvis is starting to kill. this kid must be a chub and enjoy pressing on my bones or something.

danny passed the FE, only an 8 hour engineering test the determines if you can get into grad school and probably if you can be an engineer. i'm so proud of him. an 8 hour test would kill me, but he did so well! what a smartie.

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