Monday, December 5, 2011

28 weeks

let's compare two consecutive days shall we?
28 weeks
and 28 weeks 1 day
i don't know if it's because the first picture was taken in a dress or if the second was because it was the end of the day after eating and wearing tighter clothes. but i look way more pregnant in the second. although it's probably somewhere in the middle because all i hear is
"you are so TINY! you're barely showing! when are you due again?"
and i remind them the end of feb, so 12 weeks.
"oh my GOSH! blah blah blah"

-heartburn at night/when i lay down
-more tiredness, maybe because i forget to take my prenatals consistently, or because i wake up 2-3 times a night to pee
-lots of peeing all day long, too
-leg cramps as of today
-a spazzy flaily kid who must be laying sideways because it feels like he's jumping when i lay on my side
-sciatic pain at night only when i lay on my left side. and it wakes me up and it hurts
-more hunger and thirst
-hair and nails growing like crazy
-people are finally asking if i am pregnant! i don't just look like a fatty
-lots of crying emotion
-i forget i'm pregnant until he kicks or dances or (my favorite) i try to fit in a space i used to be able to and get stuck. i am not used to this size yet

i also had the gestational diabetes test on friday. blech. i had to drink the crap after fasting for 3-4 hours so i went at 7am, first thing in the morning. the taste wasn't terrible but that much sugar on an empty stomach is seriously unpleasant. i've heard of some drs just having you eat a candy bar or jelly beans so next go round i'm finding one of them! i haven't heard back yet but lets cross our fingers! i don't want to give up or cut back on carbs.

so far he's measuring right on track. i'm not sure about weight gain because i don't remember what i started at and i've decided until my dr says he's concerned i won't be.

current countdowns:
2.5 weeks till our anniversary
3ish weeks till christmas
4 weeks till new years
9 weeks till full term (37 weeks)
and a mere 12 weeks till my due date

it is getting crazy!


  1. You look so cute I can't wait until I am big enough to be able to look pregnant!

  2. You're adorable!!! And the leg cramps/sciatic ouchies are seriously no fun. I'm sorry you're experiencing that! I can't wait to see you!

  3. pregnancy looks good on you, woman!