Thursday, September 15, 2011

16.5 weeks

we bought a car! it's a 2005 jeep grand cherokee laredo and we are in LOVE. man i wish we could afford two.
me at 16.2 weeks.
my first semblance of a bump. i had just eaten but my shirts are getting tighter. not my pants, though. weird.
weight gain at 16 week appointment: 0 lbs
baby's heart rate: still 160.
now that my baby is getting bigger (the size of my open hand!!) and i can feel my uterus, i've been wanting to sleep on my tummy but it's getting uncomfortable, dang. my nails and hair are growing out of control. i wish i didn't color my hair. but not enough to un-color it.
aubrey and i went in on a produce basket co-op type thing and this was this week's. $20 for pears, apples, corn, tomatoes, a canteloupe, and blackberries. i love fresh produce.

we find out if baby brown is a boy or girl on october 11. vote on the sidebar! i've felt our baby is a boy since i found out i was pregnant. danny wants it to be a boy, and my sister wants a girl. cast your vote!


  1. Are ya'll doing bountiful baskets?
    And that's so crazy you find out in a few weeks if you're having a boy or a girl I'm so excited so I can start making your baby something.
    P.s. love the jeep...neil told me you got one...don't ask how he knew before me.

  2. I will not vote. I am just excited for another baby Brown to be born. Can't wait to get aquainted with him/her. Ah, to kiss those little cheeks. This is one excited Grandma.