Saturday, September 24, 2011

18 weeks

18 weeks?! 18 is almost 20 and 20 is halfway and after that is the countdown! crazy crazy.

this week i have been told i look pregnant. and i think i do also. my pants are just starting to get tight but my ute (uterus. suck it utah.) is almost at my belly button so my tummy is starting to push out.
we went to the jimmer game thursday with rachel, jason, and tyler. it was a blast. and also cecil o was there! in his front and center seat. i loved it. i wonder what it's like to be jimmer and have people go crazy for you. it would be so weird!
my new pregnancy pillow. i love this thing. so comfy and not too big (i think!).
friday we went to the football game. i was not sure at all about how fun this would be, after last week. somehow they pulled it together and won. only one turnover for us which is a HUGE upgrade from last week's 7.
my emotions are so out of whack. i feel like crying several times a day, and usually for no reason or for a silly reason. i think one reason is my changing body. clothes aren't fitting like they used to (duh) and this has been the first week that i can't suck in my stomach to make it flat. this is for real, yo. and i've had the linea nigra for 10 or so weeks now but it's getting much darker. i really just feel gross under my clothes. i'll get over it, i know, and once the i can feel our baby moving i'll feel better about it i think.

sleep is still a big need, but i can function with [only] 7.5-8 much better now. my appetite has started kicking in even more.

we are so excited to find out what baby brown is in two weeks! we have some names picked out and are looking forward to kissing his or her chubby little cheeks in 5 short months.

we are also thinking about a babymoon before this child comes. any ideas? pretty much all we've thought about is staying in park city for a couple nights and hitting the outlets sometime in december.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

16.5 weeks

we bought a car! it's a 2005 jeep grand cherokee laredo and we are in LOVE. man i wish we could afford two.
me at 16.2 weeks.
my first semblance of a bump. i had just eaten but my shirts are getting tighter. not my pants, though. weird.
weight gain at 16 week appointment: 0 lbs
baby's heart rate: still 160.
now that my baby is getting bigger (the size of my open hand!!) and i can feel my uterus, i've been wanting to sleep on my tummy but it's getting uncomfortable, dang. my nails and hair are growing out of control. i wish i didn't color my hair. but not enough to un-color it.
aubrey and i went in on a produce basket co-op type thing and this was this week's. $20 for pears, apples, corn, tomatoes, a canteloupe, and blackberries. i love fresh produce.

we find out if baby brown is a boy or girl on october 11. vote on the sidebar! i've felt our baby is a boy since i found out i was pregnant. danny wants it to be a boy, and my sister wants a girl. cast your vote!

Monday, September 5, 2011

15 weeks

the stories of the second trimester are true! it is glorious!
this week,
danny and i made crockpot lasagna and it was delicious.
was craft day! i made chalkboard tiles
and a tie necklace. check pinterest for it.
and this is what i look like. getting thicker!
symptoms this last week: pretty bad headaches (not from dehydration or needing to eat. thank goodness for tylenol.), tiredness though not exhaustion, a large appetite, more energy for cleaning and cooking, hair and nails growing faster than ever, and i think I THINK the baby has been jumping on my bladder because every now and then i feel the 'oh my i'm going to wet my pants!' for a second then it goes away. hopefully i'll get to feel him or her in the next month!