Tuesday, August 23, 2011

first trimester

who knows when the first trimester ends. some say 12 weeks, some 13, some 14. regardless i'm nearing the end if i'm not finished. let's talk about what the first trimester did to me:

-starving, ravenously hungry, every 2-3 hours. like i'd eat lunch, feel like i wouldn't be hungry till dinner, and *bam* two hours later be starving. must eat now! lay off me, i'm starving style.
-exhaustion. i seriously have never been more tired in my life. not after a week of band camp, not after running, never. asleep by 9pm. !
-nausea. zofran was alright, but the true helpers were my seabands and jolly ranchers. terrible for my teeth but what can you do?
-foggy brain! i haven't felt like myself since we got that positive test. this fogginess was especially bad at the grocery store, talking to parents and trying to think of a specific word, while teaching
relief society (!!), and truly just all the time.
-must. pee. i go 2-4 times a night and a billion times during the day.
-excessive thirst. i thought i used to drink a lot of water. ha. false.
-headache. part of the increased blood flow/decreased blood pressure. thank heavens for tylenol and tylenol pm.
-bloating. self explanatory. i have my regular flatish stomach in the morning and i look pregnant at night.
-boobs. a positive.

right before 7 weeks i was getting so depressed. i couldn't think straight, i felt sick all the time, and i was dead tired. i did not feel like myself. i haven't experienced the joy that comes from growing a child and birthing a child and bringing a child home, so i was stuck in the moment of feeling terrible all the time without an end in sight. i ended up in the er that night because of vomiting everything, even water, and since then it's truly gotten better. the iv and liquid zofran helped a lot, and the best was seeing our baby for the first time. but growing a person is the hardest thing i've ever done.

bring on the second trimester with it's tales of increased energy, lack of nausea, and all around well-being!


  1. Congratulations!! Being a mom is awesome. I don't envy that excessive tiredness and thirst. Don't worry though, it gets better.

  2. it's nice to hear the real side of pregnancy for once. i feel like everyone always says, "oh look! i have a baby in my belly! my life is amaaaaaaaazing! la la la." so thanks for preparing me for what it's really like. i'm so excited for you two and your little peach.