Sunday, August 28, 2011

14 weeks

still bloat, no baby.

this past week,
-i stayed up past nine!
-i only sucked on a jolly rancher for nausea 2-3 times
-flossing-induced bleeding has decreased miraculously
-i went 4.5 hours without eating during the day. awesome. then i ate a whole gandolfo's.
-a girl at church introduced herself. she's five months preg and barely slightly looking it, dang it!
-one night i only woke up once to pee. then i jinxed it and it's been 4 again.
-i like diet coke again, hallelujah.
-we helped friends move and even if i wasn't a huge help i lifted things and went up and down stairs. a vast improvement from sitting on the couch watching psych and arrested development.
-i watched bachelor pad 1 and 1/2 times.
-i tried to lay out but then it rained.
-i started 'a will of their own' and am liking it waaay more than 'before and after zachariah'.
-a coworker with a cochlear implant told another coworker 'DON'T marry a deaf guy!' hahaha have you seen 'sound and the fury'? maybe that's why she said it...
-my baby is kicking and punching (like we heard on the doppler) but alas i don't get to feel it for awhile.
-i've done dishes and maybe even cooked (i can't remember...)!

baby's first BYU football game this saturday!

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  1. oh wow! i can relate to so many of these. congratulations on being pregnant...and staying up past 9! haha