Saturday, June 25, 2011

six flags over texas

a couple weekends ago we flew done to dallas for chase's missionary farewell. we got in thursday to 110 degree heat and friday we were off to six flags for a last hurrah. danny had never been on a real roller coaster so this was for him as much for everyone.
we went on every worthwhile ride. no flashback but the line was too long.
the heat was fun since we didn't have to stay long, but dang it was hot! utah has been in the 70s so it was nice to be in real summer weather for a bit.

we had a blast! brought a cooler for lunch and spent the whole day in the sun. our feet hurt, our skin hurt, and we were thirsty. it was a blast! i do love my family.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My brother the missionary

My little brother Chase was called to the Dominican Republic Santiago Mission back in March and is entering the MTC on Wednesday! Today he was set apart as missionary. Thank goodness he was cleared to finish watching the NBA Finals! We love you Chase!! Maybe you'll be an uncle by the time you come back :) that gives us a couple years.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

memorial day and some.

we did sealings with jason and rachel in the salt lake temple and then hit up sugarhouse bbq for dinner. good, but not as good as the smoking apple in lindon.
saturday danny had his first experience with tucanos. delicious.
momma brown has a new job under a facilities manager for the church, and she had training this week in salt lake, so she and bryce came up. pepper and archie were here turning in his final project for his degree. after cafe rio, we did a little hike up rock canyon.
pictures like the following make me feel happy that we live here, and sad that one (soonish) day we'll leave.
and then today, we tried to hike stewart falls, but look! snow :( it's finally warm at 70-80 degrees, but there's still snow up high. sad day.