Friday, April 15, 2011

spring break 2011

my first spring break since high school has been largely successful. i almost feel like i was too productive.

friday-sunday: madre was here! chase went through
the temple and it was a wonderful, beautiful, exciting experience.
just a few months until he leaves for the DR!
monday: autism conference at uvu. why did i decide to work over spring break??
i don't know. but i did learn a few new things.

tuesday: sewing day #2. here is the finished project, the skirt i've
been dying to make for months.
wednesday: well. i love my texas plates, see. and even though
they expired last august and now that my insurance has a utah address,
texas wouldn't renew them.
remember how i drive for my job?
good thing i have become a very very safe driver.
wednesday i took my car in for safety and emissions, all the while
worrying it wouldn't pass.
all it needed was a couple lights. danny's will likely be a different story,
that 1991 lexus.
then i grabbed all the paperwork i needed and went to the dmv.
i'm becoming convinced that texas has the worst dmv system ever.
broken arrow's was empty when danny and i
went two years ago.
and i sat for max 3 minutes before being helped
at the provo one. i was only there for max 10 minutes.
i was nervous they'd ask for my old registration,
but i seriously lucked out.
then i had to take off my texas plates and put on utah ones. barf.
time to get some
BYU and TX stickers.

thursday: sewing day #2! made another skirt with aubs.
zupas for lunch.
the tabernacle for haley's graduation.
[recognize that skirt?!]
then i taught a grandfamilies class for mikael.

friday: a run, a first softball game, and maybe a tan.

almost summer!


  1. The skirt looks great!

  2. Is your hub's Lexus an ES250? Josh and I just traded in his '91 lexus and I know there's one other one around here in Provo. Hilarious if it's your husband's!
    I love the skirt!

  3. The skirt is adorable! You look fabulous! Thanks so much for your help with Grandfamilies!