Sunday, January 16, 2011

who would have predicted i'd enjoy snow activities?

for our first date, danny took me sledding with amber, his sister, and her boyfriend-now-husband, also danny. this was january 2009, two years ago.

those who knew me freshman year (and sophomore and junior) know that i despise snow activities.

with danny, i surrendered myself to the fact that i'd be around ice, snow, and months of general cold weather. so i better get used to it.

for our sledding date, i bundled myself in windbreaker pants (i'm still so ashamed) over jeans (??) over tights. i had no idea what i was doing. on the top, i put short-sleeved underarmor under a long sleeved shirt under a sweatshirt. for shoes, rainboots.

i knew i looked ridiculous but i didn't have another choice for clothing. i made him promise not to laugh at me before i went to his apartment, and he didn't, surprisingly.

anyway, i must have done something not terribly wrong because that night he kissed me for the first time. and amber got a black eye.

last weekend, after two years of attaining real winter clothing off whiskeymilitia and other similar sites, we went snow shoeing for the third or so time in our relationship with some friends, blake and enji.

blake was proud of me for doing a snow activity since he'd known me since freshman year. last week we were looking for stewart falls but the trail ended, dang it.


  1. I hope one day I can post about enjoying snow one day but right now I still HATE it!

  2. I love snow-shoeing! Seems like you had fun.