Friday, January 21, 2011

happy birthday, dear danny!

creatively 25 reasons why i love my 25-year-old husband:
1. he texts me office quotes. "tube city. you owe me one."
2. he listens to my stories and never judges me.
3. he likes to watch animated movies with me. tangled, despicable me, dragons.
4. he cooks with me, so i don't have to always be in charge of making dinner.
5. he cleans with me. the toilet bowl :), walls, doors, dishes, floors, etc. he was taught well by his daddy.
6. he is always so happy to see me when he gets home or i get home.
7. he likes the same shows as me.
8. he likes trips! yuba, lava hot springs, st george, znp, vegas.
9. he has pretty pretty pretty blue eyes.
10. he is the most patient person i've ever met.
11. he likes eating out and trying new places.
12. byu sports.
13. he holds my hand, just like when we were dating.
14. it's hard to make him laugh with my jokes. but when i do, it's the best.
15. he eats everything i make.
16. he is working so hard in school. he's doing his homework, going to class, going to work...basically just being responsible.
17. he likes adventures, like hiking and snowshoeing.
18. he always drives when we're together.
19. he makes a delicious pizza.
20. he lets me try my hand at decorating our apartment.
21. he doesn't need or want a lot of material things.
22. he likes pinatas.
23. he likes playing games with me, like scrabble.
24. he has cute nicknames for me.
25. and finally....he is great with kids! yay babies.

happy birthday busby! you're my best friend.


  1. I love this list. So cute.
    Miss you Allie!!!!

  2. Where can I get one of those?

  3. That was awesome Ali. Danny, Happy Birthday! I gotta diddo what she said about the whole being great with kids part. Ever since you helped us watch those kids in hobble creek and they all loved you instantly. And my kids love you. Your just a lovable guy. Happy birthday!