Tuesday, December 27, 2011

31 weeks

boy oh boy are we getting close.
could be 6 weeks, could be 11 really. his movements have become less twitchy and more controlled, and yesterday i'm pretty sure i felt his foot press on my hand as i held it against my belly.

things i will miss once he's here:
watching my belly move
feeling him fight back when i hunch over or wear pants with a tighter waistband
getting woken up by his squirms in the morning
an excuse to buy new clothes because nothing else fits
danny rubbing my belly, feeling baby brown move
the sense of wonder (and weirdness) that comes from watching my body make drastic changes as i actually grow a person
looking pregnant and getting to rub my belly
fabulous hair and nails
hearing his heartbeat at my appointments

things i will not miss once he's here:
sleeping on my stomach!
energy and desire to work out
gradually fitting into my clothes again
having my body back, besides nursing
being able to pop my back by twisting it
being able to bend over
fewer aches and pains
not having to pee all the time

we have finally rearranged our room (since we have just one) and definitely have room for a bassinet, maybe even a mini crib or pack and play and a small changing table/drawer. and i have a corner to decorate for him.

lastly-i know every pregnant girl asks this, but what on earth do i need for my hospital bag? danny's? and when should i pack it? help please!

Friday, December 23, 2011

two years down, eternity to go

three years ago, over a bowl of
not-for-decoration-only candy corns,
we first spoke.
after a christmas break of non-stop talking,
we did everything together.

it was with him that i enjoyed playing in the snow
for the first time.
we had our first kiss on a sledding date
and i fell fast.

eight months later we were engaged

and a year after our story began,
we were married for time and eternity.
the first year was not without it's difficulties
while we learned patience and teamwork
and how to assume the best in each other
(or maybe it was just me that needed to learn those!).

the second year brought trips to lava and seattle,
basketball and football games.
we have had fun
doing nothing-cleaning, cooking, watching tv.
and we found out that we get to bring a baby
into our little family.

these two years have been the best.
danny is a good, good man and
i hope our son is just like him.

happy anniversary husby!
thank you for putting up with me.

Monday, December 12, 2011

29 weeks

in the bathroom at church. classy, i know. i seriously do not feel this big at all but apparently i am.
slowly baby brown's impending arrival is becoming more and more real. we shopped at the outlets this weekend with jason and rachel and found this teeny little dinosaur onesie and hat on sale. we died. dinosaurs are our favorite so we had to have it.
we also bought a travel system earlier! it also was on sale (this is how we shop) and assembled most of it.
baby brown LOVES waking up at 545/6 and doing jumping jacks inside of me. which is awesome since my alarm goes off at 7 thus costing me an hour or so of sleep. thank goodness i love him :) and it's so reassuring to feel him move and know that he's doing alright. i'm pretty sure he goes back and forth from laying sideways and his head in my right rib. i can't bend over anymore.

nausea has returned, not in full force, and so has the fatigue. my hair is seriously more awesome than it's ever been (i can go 5 days without washing it and you can't tell!!! a dream!). my pelvis is starting to kill. this kid must be a chub and enjoy pressing on my bones or something.

danny passed the FE, only an 8 hour engineering test the determines if you can get into grad school and probably if you can be an engineer. i'm so proud of him. an 8 hour test would kill me, but he did so well! what a smartie.

Monday, December 5, 2011

28 weeks

let's compare two consecutive days shall we?
28 weeks
and 28 weeks 1 day
i don't know if it's because the first picture was taken in a dress or if the second was because it was the end of the day after eating and wearing tighter clothes. but i look way more pregnant in the second. although it's probably somewhere in the middle because all i hear is
"you are so TINY! you're barely showing! when are you due again?"
and i remind them the end of feb, so 12 weeks.
"oh my GOSH! blah blah blah"

-heartburn at night/when i lay down
-more tiredness, maybe because i forget to take my prenatals consistently, or because i wake up 2-3 times a night to pee
-lots of peeing all day long, too
-leg cramps as of today
-a spazzy flaily kid who must be laying sideways because it feels like he's jumping when i lay on my side
-sciatic pain at night only when i lay on my left side. and it wakes me up and it hurts
-more hunger and thirst
-hair and nails growing like crazy
-people are finally asking if i am pregnant! i don't just look like a fatty
-lots of crying emotion
-i forget i'm pregnant until he kicks or dances or (my favorite) i try to fit in a space i used to be able to and get stuck. i am not used to this size yet

i also had the gestational diabetes test on friday. blech. i had to drink the crap after fasting for 3-4 hours so i went at 7am, first thing in the morning. the taste wasn't terrible but that much sugar on an empty stomach is seriously unpleasant. i've heard of some drs just having you eat a candy bar or jelly beans so next go round i'm finding one of them! i haven't heard back yet but lets cross our fingers! i don't want to give up or cut back on carbs.

so far he's measuring right on track. i'm not sure about weight gain because i don't remember what i started at and i've decided until my dr says he's concerned i won't be.

current countdowns:
2.5 weeks till our anniversary
3ish weeks till christmas
4 weeks till new years
9 weeks till full term (37 weeks)
and a mere 12 weeks till my due date

it is getting crazy!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

24 weeks

There he is, our little wiggly boy. He's started to kick almost on a schedule and I love it. It makes me laugh and laugh, especially when he's kicking at Danny but Danny can't feel it.

We did find out that he has choroid plexus cysts on his brain, but all of the research shows no link between the cysts and developmental delays or disabilities. They also are fairly common and professionals estimate that most of us adults also have CPCs and never knew because there weren't ultrasounds when we were in utero. We have the option of a medically necessary 30 week ultrasound if we want it. We'll see if we've met our deductible when it comes time. It's pretty frightening to hear 'cyst' and 'brain' in the same sentence, but I've been feeling more at ease and less panicked.

My appetite seems to have slowed-I'm not famished like I used to be-but my clothes continue to get tighter. Like they should I suppose.

Danny got a surprise half scholarship for next semester which eases the burden of school a lot. We're still quite up in the air about what we'll be doing and where we'll be in 6 months, but we're having faith.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

baby brown is a

cute kid!

after some annoyance with insurance, we had to postpone our ultrasound by a day. but everything looks perfect, and he is just so sweet. we are in LOVE and are happy to have something to call the baby besides "it". still due feb 26!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

19.4 weeks and some fun stuff

this is what we got to see today. snow on the mountains.
let me tell you a story.
saturday during general conference i started feeling...funny. flu like? cold like? something was coming on.

sunday was worse. monday was more terrible, and that i night i couldn't sleep. sweet dear danny bought my some vicks vaporub and some other stuff to help.

and apparently i'm allergic to vicks vaporub. see?
awesome. a cold PLUS an itchy hot rash.
so i tried to take some benadryl and this is what happened.

sometimes i feel like crying "why is this happening to me??"

anyways. this is what i look like. a little belly is there. at the dr's i've gained 2-3 lbs. i guess that's okay now but it is strange to have your dr WANT you to gain weight.
happy friday tomorrow, friends.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

18 weeks

18 weeks?! 18 is almost 20 and 20 is halfway and after that is the countdown! crazy crazy.

this week i have been told i look pregnant. and i think i do also. my pants are just starting to get tight but my ute (uterus. suck it utah.) is almost at my belly button so my tummy is starting to push out.
we went to the jimmer game thursday with rachel, jason, and tyler. it was a blast. and also cecil o was there! in his front and center seat. i loved it. i wonder what it's like to be jimmer and have people go crazy for you. it would be so weird!
my new pregnancy pillow. i love this thing. so comfy and not too big (i think!).
friday we went to the football game. i was not sure at all about how fun this would be, after last week. somehow they pulled it together and won. only one turnover for us which is a HUGE upgrade from last week's 7.
my emotions are so out of whack. i feel like crying several times a day, and usually for no reason or for a silly reason. i think one reason is my changing body. clothes aren't fitting like they used to (duh) and this has been the first week that i can't suck in my stomach to make it flat. this is for real, yo. and i've had the linea nigra for 10 or so weeks now but it's getting much darker. i really just feel gross under my clothes. i'll get over it, i know, and once the i can feel our baby moving i'll feel better about it i think.

sleep is still a big need, but i can function with [only] 7.5-8 much better now. my appetite has started kicking in even more.

we are so excited to find out what baby brown is in two weeks! we have some names picked out and are looking forward to kissing his or her chubby little cheeks in 5 short months.

we are also thinking about a babymoon before this child comes. any ideas? pretty much all we've thought about is staying in park city for a couple nights and hitting the outlets sometime in december.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

16.5 weeks

we bought a car! it's a 2005 jeep grand cherokee laredo and we are in LOVE. man i wish we could afford two.
me at 16.2 weeks.
my first semblance of a bump. i had just eaten but my shirts are getting tighter. not my pants, though. weird.
weight gain at 16 week appointment: 0 lbs
baby's heart rate: still 160.
now that my baby is getting bigger (the size of my open hand!!) and i can feel my uterus, i've been wanting to sleep on my tummy but it's getting uncomfortable, dang. my nails and hair are growing out of control. i wish i didn't color my hair. but not enough to un-color it.
aubrey and i went in on a produce basket co-op type thing and this was this week's. $20 for pears, apples, corn, tomatoes, a canteloupe, and blackberries. i love fresh produce.

we find out if baby brown is a boy or girl on october 11. vote on the sidebar! i've felt our baby is a boy since i found out i was pregnant. danny wants it to be a boy, and my sister wants a girl. cast your vote!

Monday, September 5, 2011

15 weeks

the stories of the second trimester are true! it is glorious!
this week,
danny and i made crockpot lasagna and it was delicious.
was craft day! i made chalkboard tiles
and a tie necklace. check pinterest for it.
and this is what i look like. getting thicker!
symptoms this last week: pretty bad headaches (not from dehydration or needing to eat. thank goodness for tylenol.), tiredness though not exhaustion, a large appetite, more energy for cleaning and cooking, hair and nails growing faster than ever, and i think I THINK the baby has been jumping on my bladder because every now and then i feel the 'oh my i'm going to wet my pants!' for a second then it goes away. hopefully i'll get to feel him or her in the next month!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

14 weeks

still bloat, no baby.

this past week,
-i stayed up past nine!
-i only sucked on a jolly rancher for nausea 2-3 times
-flossing-induced bleeding has decreased miraculously
-i went 4.5 hours without eating during the day. awesome. then i ate a whole gandolfo's.
-a girl at church introduced herself. she's five months preg and barely slightly looking it, dang it!
-one night i only woke up once to pee. then i jinxed it and it's been 4 again.
-i like diet coke again, hallelujah.
-we helped friends move and even if i wasn't a huge help i lifted things and went up and down stairs. a vast improvement from sitting on the couch watching psych and arrested development.
-i watched bachelor pad 1 and 1/2 times.
-i tried to lay out but then it rained.
-i started 'a will of their own' and am liking it waaay more than 'before and after zachariah'.
-a coworker with a cochlear implant told another coworker 'DON'T marry a deaf guy!' hahaha have you seen 'sound and the fury'? maybe that's why she said it...
-my baby is kicking and punching (like we heard on the doppler) but alas i don't get to feel it for awhile.
-i've done dishes and maybe even cooked (i can't remember...)!

baby's first BYU football game this saturday!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

first trimester

who knows when the first trimester ends. some say 12 weeks, some 13, some 14. regardless i'm nearing the end if i'm not finished. let's talk about what the first trimester did to me:

-starving, ravenously hungry, every 2-3 hours. like i'd eat lunch, feel like i wouldn't be hungry till dinner, and *bam* two hours later be starving. must eat now! lay off me, i'm starving style.
-exhaustion. i seriously have never been more tired in my life. not after a week of band camp, not after running, never. asleep by 9pm. !
-nausea. zofran was alright, but the true helpers were my seabands and jolly ranchers. terrible for my teeth but what can you do?
-foggy brain! i haven't felt like myself since we got that positive test. this fogginess was especially bad at the grocery store, talking to parents and trying to think of a specific word, while teaching
relief society (!!), and truly just all the time.
-must. pee. i go 2-4 times a night and a billion times during the day.
-excessive thirst. i thought i used to drink a lot of water. ha. false.
-headache. part of the increased blood flow/decreased blood pressure. thank heavens for tylenol and tylenol pm.
-bloating. self explanatory. i have my regular flatish stomach in the morning and i look pregnant at night.
-boobs. a positive.

right before 7 weeks i was getting so depressed. i couldn't think straight, i felt sick all the time, and i was dead tired. i did not feel like myself. i haven't experienced the joy that comes from growing a child and birthing a child and bringing a child home, so i was stuck in the moment of feeling terrible all the time without an end in sight. i ended up in the er that night because of vomiting everything, even water, and since then it's truly gotten better. the iv and liquid zofran helped a lot, and the best was seeing our baby for the first time. but growing a person is the hardest thing i've ever done.

bring on the second trimester with it's tales of increased energy, lack of nausea, and all around well-being!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

birthday recap

thanks danny for helping my birthday to be the best yet :)

here's what he got me:

big shiny earrings
five crownsetand lastly, but certainly not least,

a baby!
that's right friends! baby brown due at the end of february 2012, in case you can't read that. i'm 12 weeks 2 days and finally feeling better. today we heard the heartbeat and it was amazing. so incredible! totally strengthens my belief in a loving heavenly father.

that's our news!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of july, in which i learned of instagram

i am not an iphone pro. i actually dislike most apple products. but i needed this phone for work. this weekend i discovered instagram and i must say, this has decreased my disliking.
me at the campsite.
danny and jason being manly and chopping up a tree...with a hatchet.
danny looking like a drunk sailor.a field of purple flowers in soda springs.
rachel in the natural hot springs.
danny golfing at our campsite.