Sunday, September 26, 2010

buddy walk, etc

danny and i had a pretty fun weekend. except for the whole byu losing deal.

exhibit a: texas alumni byu BLUEBELL party! i put on my boots and plaid shirt and danny sucked his oklahoma pride up to accompany me to a texas pride party. but really, it was all for the bluebell. i would gladly be bluebell-induced overweight for the rest of my life.

exhibit b: the buddy walk! i work with children who have developmental delays and disabilities and their families. the buddy walk is an event sponsored by the national down syndrome society and utah down syndrome foundation. my work was asked to supply a few volunteers, so me and some girls i work with offered to organize a few little booths of events. we were under the impression that our activities would be among the only things to do there, but (thankfully) they weren't. what i love most about my job was exemplified here: mothers and fathers who have a deep love for their children, because of and in spite of the way they were born. parents and families who have had to deal with the grief that comes when one is given a child that is not exactly what they expected turn around to become the child's greatest advocate. i loved seeing a few moms from our program who were clearly, on some level, in charge of this event. they invest so much time in securing a good present and future for their children. their sweet kids may not understand for a long time how much their mothers and fathers and grandparents and extended family love them-but who of us can? i love, love, love the mothers who reject society's message that a family is not the most important unit in society, that they should not sacrifice their bodies for the creation of children, that they can feel more satisfied in working outside instead of inside the home. these mothers know that their children and their family are truly worthy of their time and effort. they know that "no success can compensate for failure in the home," (david o mckay) and i can't wait to be among them.

exhibit c: byu/nevada game. pretty much sucked. nuff said.

exhibit d: getting to play with our brothers for a few hours! i love family.

exhibit e: church and the general relief society broadcast. today, a speaker said "even though we don't have it all, we have everything." i love that thought. it really made me think. and i'm definitely going to heed president monson's talk and check myself on quick judgments of others.

"The noblest office for a woman is the sacred work of building eternal families, ideally in partnership with her husband." sister silvia h allred.

soon to come: haircuts (i'm chopping it off!!), figuring this dumb tooth out, byu/usu, danny's first test of the year, and, my favorite, general conference.


  1. So I posted a comment earlier, but apparently it didn't work. I don't really remember what I said, but it had something to do with your haircut. It's a big jump to go from long to short, but it feels REALLY good. I'm always worried I won't like it and then I do. Sometime I think about doing it again... but no... I've been waiting too long for my hair to long again. I'm excited to see it!

  2. I love reading your posts and i am excited to see you in about a week.