Tuesday, September 14, 2010

best parts of the summer

in no specific order

the marriage of two good friends
vegas for a late honeymoon
our fish who lived for like a week and a half. and left us with a tank, filter, and black pebbles. awesome.
st george, ut. zion's! next time, angel's landing.
the bird i frisbee-killed, who minutes later regained his strength and was the star of a chase/stefan video. more found here
a fun dino!
lovely weekend trips with camping, carbonated springs, hot springs, four-man tubes, and geysers.
neat parks
lake trips with the busb, chase, and stefan. frisbee, hamburger grilling, sunburns, and dead/living birds.
random hikes
having my momma here basically every other month :) and chase and haley moving back up here!
discovering interesting (read:WEIRD) places in slc. ie, gilgal gardens.
watching chase interact with an older brother(-in-law)
dear summer 2010:
you were wonderful. thank you
for helping me fall more in love with my busb and
learn just a fraction of what marriage means,
giving me a tan,
helping me learn how to camp and
weddings become more beautiful,
giving me cool nights for campfires and hikes,
bleaching my 11-inch-long roots a tiny bit,
strengthening my testimony and
as elder holland said, digging my reservoir of faith deeper
so that in times of trial, i know i can reach a little deeper,
making beautiful days for temple-going,
helping us check off a few more
(SLC, Oquirrh, Timp, Vegas, St George, Draper, and soon to be Jordan River),
strengthening our marriage,
and helping us get closer to a year anniversary.

why we are excited for fall:
football games! (please, let's be better)
the colors
having control of our heating :)
cuddling while it snows outside our window
going to colorado for thanksgiving (i think we're invited?)
hikes in the cool weather (timp, squaw, more maybe?)
making new friends,
and loving life.

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