Tuesday, November 10, 2009

43 days!

This weekend was our first time apart since January 5, 2009. I flew home for a bridal shower, wedding preparations, and, of course, teasing my brothers.

People are so kind, really. My shower was a blast and I was able to see my friend Ana from high school and my best friend Jenn's mom there. I loved being home and seeing people I haven't for awhile and playing with my siblings!! I just miss that Haley wasn't there...I haven't visited home without her there ever.

My aunt Phoebe also really wanted to take bridals. Which I was quite against. But now...looking at these...I am so glad she did! She has a lot of talent, this area was gorgeous, and it was really so much fun. She and my cousin Heather did my hair and makeup, fixed my mom's veil so it looks so much better, and told me what to do for the camera.

Phoebe's daughter Jenna followed me around, holding up the back of my dress so it would stay as clean as possible. I had a few tears in my eyes from staring into the sun. I climbed on top of a wall (with the help of my mom and Heather) and I think they got a good view up my dress. Lucky.

BUT it is so, so great to be back with Danny. We missed each other so much and last night was a lot of fun going through the presents we got and just being with each other. And yes, I know I'm breaking etiquette by posting these where he can see...whatevs. I love that boy.