Sunday, October 25, 2009

cake balls and pump seeds

cooking is fun. for me, it can be a real stress relief-especially when i try something i've never done before and it (eventually) works.

i LOVE she is amazing and everything she makes looks sooo delicious. not to mention cute, because usually they're little things.

so, this weekend, i pursued bakerella's cake balls. they didn't look too hard and who doesn't love cake?

First: bake a yellow cake.

Second: crumble it. yes, it feels sacrilegious, but once you get over're 3 again.

third: add in a tub of cream cheese frosting. so if you're looking for something healthy, this is not it. just wait.

next, roll into balls and put on a cookie sheet. freeze (or refrigerate) for awhile. we tried just a few hours in the luck, really. freeze overnight. they won't be hard, but they're cold enough. it should make about 48 balls...more if they're smaller. obviously.

last, melt chocolate bark. i tried just chocolate chips, no luck. this part was the trial and error, but i ended up scorching a whole bag of semi-sweet AND one of white chocolate. just do bark. it's actually less expensive per unit than chocolate chips. follow the directions to melt them, and only do 2-3 cubes at a time. chop, microwave, stir. repeat if necessary. i didn't need to microwave any more than a minute. then, one ball at a time, put in the melted chocolate and roll so it's all covered. with a spoon, lift it out and put it on wax paper to dry and harden. and it does so surprisingly fast.


cute huh?!?!

and danny's reaction:

true love.

here's something a little better for you. i love roasting pumpkin seeds, and this time we played with a different recipe.

the bowl on the right is just garlic and regular salt, roasted in the oven with oil on 350 for twentyish minutes, stirring halfway.

the bowl on the left, though, is a sweet and salty (and delicious) mix. it has chili powder, ginger, cinnamon, sugar, and oil. i didn't really measure anything, i just eyeballed it, but they are actually so good. i would recommend this if you feel like trying something new. plus, you can eat them plain, add in a salad, or put on a sandwich.

on a sad note, byu has dropped from the top 25. dumb. but we had fun!

yup. plastic ponchos and painted ys. true blue!

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