Friday, February 6, 2015

35 weeks

35 weeks with jamesy/35 weeks with baby girl

-this little girl likes to be posterior, so lucky me-I get to do fun positioning activities all day. crawling, cat/cow, inversions. the worst is avoiding reclining. but i definitely want a comfortable birth so it is worth it. and she is starting to be anterior more.
-my friend hosted a small mother's blessing/blessingway for me last week. i was a little worried i would be uncomfortable because i hate attention on me, but it was one of the most beautiful things i've attended. we did a simple fear release, shared positive birth stories, and my friends and family wrote me letters about motherhood and how i would do well with two babies. we tied red string around wrists for them to think about me until baby girl comes, and everyone brought beads to make a necklace for my birthing time. the beads were symbolic of various things they thought of. i will wear it when it's time and draw strength from sisterhood. 
-only complaints are back pain if i don't wear my belt and lots of peeing. heartburn if i eat chocolate or drink diet coke.
-generally i have great energy (i stayed up till midnight last night and woke up at 730, no problem). 
-i'm almost done with the hypnobabies program. i'm excited to use it and see how it works for me. 
-miraculously no stretch marks again. i thought i had a few the other morning, but it was just sleep marks on my belly.
-james seems really excited still. he loves his cousin max, but i do worry about him feeling left out or replaced or ignored. he wants to play with max's swing and bouncer and we have to repeat "that's not for you, that's for max" a ton.
-i'm really really hoping this baby nurses easier than james. it took us 6 loooong months to find a groove, thank you lip tie. if she has one, we will revise it ASAP. but hopefully, hopefully, she doesn't have one.
-jamesy is almost 3! i can barely believe it. he is hilarious and sweet. today he stamped all over his naked self while i was doing my hair. he calls the first planes "happy airplanes" and the second "airplanes with the fire". i need to do a james specific post.
-i have some inklings of when she will come, but i just want her to come when a-she is ready and b-the midwife i have met with all but once this pregnancy is on call. i have loved her and really want her there. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

30 weeks

home stretch! i have been loving this pregnancy, and i'm grateful to feel this way.
mindfulness and being intentional have really made a difference between this pregnancy and james'. the two+ years of research on birth i'd done between james and this babe have really opened up my world! before james i wouldn't have imagined i'd be passionate about birth, much less preparing for an out of hospital medication free birth, but here i am. and i couldn't be more excited, truly! i'm blessed to have some friends and family who have planned similar births before me to turn to for guidance-and i feel like i'm asking them questions ALL the time (thank you charity, chelice, and ashley!)!!

this pregnancy has been so different from james' too, in symptoms as well as overall attitude. i've been wanting to record them so here goes. hopefully i can remember them all.

james/baby 2

-moderate nausea for 13ish weeks/extreme nausea for 9, then a sudden end
-one day of vomiting/apparently i'm not over that as i threw up a couple days ago
-extreme fatigue during the first and last trimester/extreme fatigue for the first 9 weeks, then just mild since
-felt first movement around 20 weeks/first movement around 13 weeks, even with an anterior placenta
-saw first movement from the outside around the third tri/first outside movement around 20 weeks
-never had even one dream/tons of strange dreams. so, so strange at first
-never cold/still cold!
-really dark linea nigra/teeny tiny faint one
-serious emotional swings/like none. i started to have a couple days of angry ness this week, but was reminded that i ran out of my fermented cod liver oil (vitamin d yo!) and as soon as i upped it, i was back to normal
-my hair pretty  much stopped falling out/seems to fall out at it's normal rate
-really really foggy brain/not so much. a few things i've forgotten here and there but overall it's good
-pretty sure i didn't have much sciatic or back pain/sciatic and back pain since 24 ish weeks. praise the maternity belt!

probably there are more and i'll add them if i remember because it really has been so interesting. i was sure she was a girl since the beginning, and the disparity in symptoms further assured me. and i was right!

i'm a couple weeks into hypnobabies. it's really interesting and i do like it. since james hasn't napped for months it's difficult to find 30-45 minutes a day to listen and practice, but danny's a champ and helps out. sometimes i feel like it's a lot of work, but it should be. i wish i'd been more mindful and tried to prepare for james' birth-i feel like the transition to motherhood may have been easier for me if i had been. but! you live and you learn. the affirmation track is excellent. i love being told "my changing body is radiantly beautiful" a couple times a day!

here's to 10+ more weeks, patience, and trusting birth, my body, and my baby.

Monday, October 27, 2014

It's a girl!

James is going to have a little sister. I have thought this baby was a girl from the beginning, and I'm so excited for this adventure.

20 weeks pregnant

Sunday, September 14, 2014

round two

well, it was bound to happen sometime! baby brown #2 is due mid March.

just over 14 weeks

i *think* james understands. we've been watching some birthing videos and he's asked if i will push the baby out, so that seems promising! up until a few weeks ago though he thought everyone had a baby in their tummy.

this pregnancy has been so very different from james'. much more intense nausea and fatigue from about 5-9 weeks, when it kind of *snap* disappeared. i was worried and told a friend, and right after waves of nausea came back. it's been on and off since. 

when we went to the birth center for my 12 week appointment we were expecting to hear the baby's heartbeat. they couldn't find one at all, and with my symptoms alleviating we chose to do an ultrasound. 

a midwife met us at the OB office and waited 40 long minutes for us to be called back. as soon as the wand was placed on my abdomen, we saw a squirmy little baby. it was so, so relieving, lots of emotions that day.

i'm in a group of pregnant women who are getting together to discuss the book "the gift of giving life". it is a phenomenal book and has given me a lot of things to ponder. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

james at 21 months

my favorite things about the mister:
-asks to "sit?" whenever he sees a chair or counter top
-asks to wash "hand?" when i wash mine
-says "BYU" whenever he sees the Y (or a lot of other letters...) and then follows it with "go cougars!" which sounds like "go dada"
-knows most of his aunts and uncles names-at least the ones who live here
-says "sup" when he sees derek, bryce, or amber
-LOVES trains. loves loves loves them. every time i turn the TV on he asks "choo choo?"
-plays with cars lots. says "vroom"
-started some pretend play where he pretends to be asleep and snores
-absolutely loves nursery
-has a few friends he loves and says their names well (ryker, natalie, elsie, hudson)
-still has me as his favorite person
-runs everywhere. no walking for this guy
-says "windy" and "raining" and "snow"
-has started saying "i got it" and "it's stuck"
-sings a little
-would eat all day long if i let him. he loves fruit (i've cut him off after 4 cuties before), mashed potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower.
-still loves being worn in the tula.
-loves buttons and zippers and points them out
-is finally really liking books
-loves baby will. my sister and him are in california for 5 weeks and james keeps asking for "haley" and "will"
-wants to knock on every door he sees
-pats his bum and says "bum bum" when he needs a diaper change
-he's very easy going and loves people. he says "hi" and waves to everyone
-walks backwards and spins around to make you laugh
-loves the lights around our window and christmas tree
-loves dogs. "PUPPY" he shouts when he sees one
-every ball is a "football", though he's started saying "soccer" (a lot of spitting is involved)
-loves helping and imitating me. he pretends to put on makeup, wears my necklaces, and will try to take his temperature since he sees me do that daily.
-loves making people laugh. he is a sweet boy.

three more months till he's two. crazy!

Monday, September 23, 2013

vegetarian meals

since the meat challenge, i've done some thinking about choosing and eating meat. it makes sense to me that animals fed a diet they naturally eat (ie grass fed beef instead of corn fed beef) are going to be better for us. however (and this is a BIG however) it is quite pricey. like $15-20+/lb! that is definitely out of our normal budget. so, we've stopped buying meat and (best part) have incorporated some new and delicious vegetarian recipes into our rotation. big thanks to my friend charity who is a vegetarian and has helped a ton!

if you think "what the heck do you eat without meat??" like i did, here are a few recipes that we love.

veggie pizza (link to dough recipe, then we top with sauce, cheese, and whatever veggies we got from the farmer's market)

we rotate those ^ with our staples of alfredo, quesadillas, breakfast for dinner, and soups. i bought calendar scrapbook paper from hobby lobby awhile back and meal plan for 2-3 weeks at a time. 

none of these really require more effort than meat containing meals we used to make, which is great because with an 18 month old, minimal time in the kitchen is necessary. and they are all AMAZING. i think our favorite is the black bean enchilada recipe. followed quickly by the mac and cheese. and a big bonus, leaving meat out has freed our budget up quite a bit! i spied some reasonably priced grass fed organic beef at sprout's last week and i think i'll buy some to add into our stir fry next month. i've heard once you try grass fed beef you never want to go back! 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

18 months old

It's hard to grasp that it's been 6 months since my mister turned 1 and we dressed him up in a sombrero and mustache. He's still a silly boy with bright blue eyes and super white hair, but he talks non stop and is climbing all over now. 

-has around 40 words, including his new favorites "yucky" and "trash"
-loves to have pandora on the TV. He hands me the controller in the morning, looks at the TV, and starts dancing. 
-is super independent. He wants to open my and his car door, navigate to pandora with the TV controller, put the laundry in the washer, close the door himself, etc. It is so fun and also helps my patience. 
-slept all the way through the night once. It was awesome and hasn't happened since. 
-is wishy-washy with books. Sometimes he loves to sit and look at a bunch and point to the things I name, and sometimes he gets through a page or two and is DONE. 
-knows a ton of body parts and just learned elbow and knee last week. And he loves finding other people's noses. 
-is really starting to love songs with actions. 
-loves his aunt Haley and identifies her in (even upside down!) pictures. 
-sits up and moves around and then lays his head on my or Danny's torso when he is in bed with us. Usually that's when the bed sharing ends. 
-still fits into most 12 month shirts and pants and has started into his 18 month stuff. 
-really is loving being in a carrier these days. Makes it real handy when I don't want to lug a stroller around. 
-is obsessed with the water. Fearless in the wave pool and almost never wants to be held at seven peaks. 
-loves the playground and fire hydrants. 
-used to love the vacuum but is terrified of it now!
-loves eating dirt. Classic boy. 
-also is an easy eater. Eats almost everything.
-throws EVERYTHING. This stage is not so fun. 
-is obsessed with Danny's longboard and wants me to push him around it all day. 
-loves other kids sooo much. He really is so social. 
-has been nursing to sleep more lately and it makes me miss the days of tiny, sleepy James. *almost* enough to make me baby hungry but not quite. 

He has been so much fun to have around. I do miss the days of not having a destroyed house by the end of the day, but the open mouthed kisses while he says "love you" are worth it. So so worth it. 

We adore you little man. You're so perfect for our family.